Infographic: Why Doctors need Digital Marketing

Infographic: Why Doctors need Digital Marketing

Why do Doctors Need Digital Marketing?

The key challenge that doctors and clinical practices today face is gaining visibility under tough competition. It has become imperative to explore modern day marketing techniques for gaining patient leads, building brand presence , maintaining reputation both offline and online, as well as proactively keeping in touch with the existing patient base. Digital Marketing can bring value to a clinical practice by the following ways


Increasing Patient Base

  • Optimizing website user experience by keeping both aesthetics and ease of use in mind
  • Making the website SEO friendly, to be easily found by target audience/ patients
  • Digital/ Online Ads to direct traffic to website

Reputation and Brand Building

  • Building and Maintaining Social Media Presence on various platforms, and engaging proactively with audience as well resolving queries
  • Creating easy brand recall through blogs and by posting specialization specific literature on appropriate platforms to gain mindshare

Streamlining Appointments and Reducing Patient Waiting time

  • Better Scheduling by enabling appointments on Website and following it up with SMS/ Email

Relationship Building

  • Staying in touch on a regular basis with both old and new patients through Email Marketing, sending regular e-newsletters/ Updates/ offers



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5 thoughts on “Infographic: Why Doctors need Digital Marketing

  • Amazing Information from Social Beat. Digital marketing for healthcare is quite interesting but is a challenging segment for the digital space. Hospitals and digital agencies are coming up with innovative strategies to engage with the consumers and this is a great post to highlight how doctors and small clinics can leverage it.

  • Good post!!In this present digital age , it’s imperative that medical providers digitally market their healthcare services to provide correct medical information at all times.This approachability, through social media give the allusion of 24/7 availability and an authoritative omnipresence. Relationships flourish when you cultivate them. Over the past year there has been an explosion growth on the social networks. When you are running a Health business, big or small it is clear that you have patients, and you should be answerable to their queries they have, otherwise the competitor will be doing that and will make you stand behind. So doctors stay ahead in representing your tele brand.

    1. Good post!! Social media optimization is pretty dynamic in nature. It is economical and the audience you wish to reach can be targeted easily with the right posts on social media platforms. Its the right tool for any hospital or clinic in India.

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