Rohit featured on NDTV – talks about digital marketing in the real estate sector

Rohit Uttamchandani, Head – Digital Marketing (Real Estate), has been featured on NDTV where he talks about the digital marketing in the real estate sector. The talk, as part of the NDTV Prime show, can be viewed here:

Some of the key takeaways of the talk are:

1.       A large chunk of home-buying research is being done online prior to making visits to project sites. This has prompted real estate companies to go digital and use it as an effective lead generation tool.

2.       The Cost-Per-Lead from digital media is much lower as compared to print media, with a good number of these leads converting to sales as well. This results in a much better ROI from digital as compared to print.

3.       Digital media is also being used by real estate companies for branding and customer engagement in addition to lead generation.

4.       These companies are adopting newer technologies like employing drones for construction site  surveillance as well as providing online payment options to enhance buyer experience.

5.       The final purchase decision is still being made offline in most cases after ascertaining the factors such as social infrastructure etc. This trend is bound to change with technological advances and increased trust and confidence in the system.

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