D2C Masterclass with
Arjun Vaidya and Trisha Vaidya

Date: Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August 2021

Timings: 11am to 1pm

Price: INR 1499/-

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Narrative of the event

From idea, to execution, to growth, hyperscale and a kick ass exit strategy, this Duo has done it all with Dr. Vaidya’s - India’s top most New Age Ayurvedic Brand.
Today, the brand is 60+ products strong and now acquired by the RPSG group.
Join us on 31st and 1st August for a 2 day master class that will give you a deep understanding into the How, When, What and Where of D2C brands, what goes into building a successful brand and how this duo rocked the D2C sector.

Meet our Speakers

Arjun Vaidya
Ex CEO @ Dr. Vaidya's - D2C Founder & Angel Investor

Trisha Vaidya
Ex COO @ Dr. Vaidya's - D2C Enthusiast & Investor

What will we cover in the Masterclass ?

If you are building a D2C brand sign up for our D2C playbook featuring Arjun and Trisha Vaidya!

Playbook Session 1: 31st July 2021, 11am to 1pm
Playbook Session 2: 1st August 2021, 11am to 1pm
Customer Acquisition and Performance Marketing
Scaling your D2C brand on Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart
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