My Social Beat Internship Journey – Maryna Holubenko

Having lived in Ukraine all my life, I traveled to India to take up an internship. Through AIESEC, an organization that provides young people global internship and volunteer exchange experiences, I joined Social Beat about five months ago and have had the best experience. Social Beat is a digital marketing company founded in 2012 by two brothers, Vikas Chawla and Suneil Chawla. Although the company is just three years old, it is already one of the leading full-service digital agencies in India with a young, friendly and progressive team.

Internship 1

The company has five teams: Web Development, Design, SEO/Advertising, Social Media and Business Development. I worked in social media and partly in business development. I created content strategies for clients in different verticals including hospitality, real estate, entertainment, healthcare and ecommerce. I attended client events and wrote articles mainly for customers from Chennai. I can say that I’m exploring the city through the brands I handled.

I am the only foreign intern in the company and all the team members are friendly and everyone kept me informed about what the other teams are working on. At Social Beat, we have review meetings every Monday and on Fridays we gather around and chit chat about new trends in the digital marketing sphere. Even as an intern, I had opportunities to express and implement my ideas and the team always had my back. I also got to witness some of the interesting projects that Social Beat has been a part of. With Influencer marketing catching up fast in India, Social Beat has built a platform called Influencer, which will help shape the opinions of your brand using the most influential people amidst your potential customers. Social Beat is one of the pioneers in India, who has created a platform to attract bloggers and successfully offers it as an additional option for clients.

Internship 2

The other project I was part of was the Startup Walk. Startup Walk is a city-wide, open house for technology companies and Social Beat was a host company in it. Participants got the opportunity to check out the spaces, get acquainted with startup culture, meet the founders and get a behind-the-scenes look at the most innovative companies in Chennai. I got to interact and meet CEOs and it was an exciting assignment for me. At Social beat, the philosophy is work hard and party hard and I got to do just that. One of the brightest memories of my internship was the wedding of my boss and Co-Founder Vikas Chawla. As a little surprise, my team and I put together a dance performance. It was a lot of fun during practices and I really enjoyed learning Indian dance.

vikas wedding

I also organized a fun activity for my colleagues and peers at Social beat, where I did a photo session and asked them to show five emotions (happiness, anger, surprise, thoughtfulness and craziness) and created a collage. It was really interesting to see how each person expressed different emotions.


I definitely know that I’ll miss our office talks, group dinners where everyone shared their food. This has been an incredible experience that took me up to a new step of my professional development, I met wonderful people and discovered incredible India.

Before coming here, I had heard several stories about internships and life in India for foreigners. I knew that I will get some culture shock seeing people sleeping everywhere, surrounded by garbage, crazy traffic on the roads, cows walking on the streets and monkey stealing your things (but there are no monkeys in Chennai and I hardly saw any cows). However, my stint in Chennai was extremely memorable and exciting. I met new people and got to do a lot of things. Along with my boyfriend, I even shot for a couple of movies as a tourist. Hopefully you can all see me in “Iraivi” and “Kabali” even after I leave this beautiful country. People here are really kind and if you are a foreigner visiting India, be ready for lots of photos with Indians who like to grab you and take a selfie with you. So come to India and you will get an opportunity to feel like a star 🙂

Top 10 tools for Instagram

Instagram allows companies to tell a visual story, to develop brands and to be engaged with customers. But just 28% of marketers currently use Instagram for their businesses. Popularity of Instagram in Google Trends shows a really fast growth for the last years.


So it’s time to start with Instagram marketing. Here is a list of top 10 tools to help your business to build, manage and grow a strong presence on Instagram.

  1. Iconosquare 

Iconosquare is one of the leading analytical tools for Instagram. It allows you to manage your Instagram activity, analyze your performance and engage your customers. With this tool, you can track which top hashtags are being used on Instagram, get detailed dashboards with graphics on engagement with users and use comprehensive tools including functionality to create contests.


  1. Schedugram 

Is Instagram a part of your social media marketing? Schedugram, a startup in Australia, is an excellent tool for Instagram users and social media managers to manage multiple Instagram accounts. Instagram was designed as a mobile tool, but Schedugram gives the opportunity to post pics from your desktop or laptop. It allows you to schedule your posts and post photos as well as videos. You can also edit your pictures, including cropping, adding filters, adding light and saturation properties and other cool effects before posting.


  1. Repost 

Repost app is a good tool to make customers feel involved and appreciated. This application allows brands to demonstrate their user-generated content. Search a photo you like and easily repost it. You can find your customers by hashtags and follow them. Appreciate your customers by mentioning them on your page, to earn customer loyalty.


  1. Like2buy 

Like2buy is “Instagram’s missing link”,  a tool to sell products on Instagram. This app gives an opportunity to drive traffic and revenue from Instagram. Like2buy transform images into gallery of products, available for purchase with a click. User should clicks on the link and it will take them to a page of the brand’s featured products.


  1. Tapshop 

 Tapshop also helps your Instagram followers in shopping. With Tapshop, you can make any image in your brand gallery shoppable by adding a product or category page link. Once your fans find a custom page of their desirable products, they will get an email with direct links to your product pages.


  1. Wispond 

Wispond is Instagram Hashtag Contest App. Gather Instagram photos and showcase them in a voting gallery on your Facebook page, website or mobile. Invite followers to submit their photos from Instagram and vote on their favourite ones. Add Instagram contests into your marketing plan to give your channels a viral impulse.


  1. Flipagram 

Create, share and discover fun photo-video stories along with your favourite music! Flipagram allows you to make slideshows, musical videos, stop-motion effects and more, with millions of free music clips for your Instagram page. You can demonstrate how one of your products can be used in different ways or create a slideshow with interesting photos with your team. The more pictures you have, the better the effect.


  1. Piclab 

Piclab is a tool that allows you to add text to your pictures. If you want to have written information on our images this is a perfect programm to do it. Choose from different fonts, shapes, put stunning filters and photo effects, and add a collection of textures, borders, patterns, and more to your photos.


  1. Hyperlapse 

Hyperlapse is owned by Instagram and creates beautiful time lapse movies. Capture video, choose the acceleration (from 2 to 12 times) and the program will do the rest for you. The video helps in making a nice video that is easy to share with your followers.


  1. Instagram for Business 

 Instagram for Business is one of the best places for businesses to find tools to grow their brands. The Instagram for Business blog has tips, brand spotlights, case studies, and news from Instagram. Use Instagram’s visual language to create your visual story and drive business growth.

Insta for business

Instagram is a powerful tool to connect with consumers and build a community. The key is to stay authentic to your brand and create content and engage with your customers. This will ensure that users not only “follow you” on Instagram, but also become your brand advocates.



Top 10 essential free services for a social media marketer

If you are a social media marketer and trying to leverage social media for your business, then you need to use multiple tools for improving your efficiency and creativity. Here are our top 10 tools and services that will facilitate or enhance the effectiveness of social media. Try them out for yourself and see its benefits:

1. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a social media management system, which will be useful for those who have several accounts across platforms. It helps you manage social network channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace and Foursquare, blogging on WordPress, and allows you to update pages of numerous social networks or reply directly. Hootsuite has become popular and used by many companies today. It has started supporting Instagram too but there is a better tool for Instagram. (Check point 7 for this)

10 useful services for social media 1

2. Fanpagekarma

This is an interesting tool for page analysis of brands in social networks. The free version allows you to analyze the effectiveness of the content, subscriber’s activities, track pages of competitors and make monthly reports. In general, Fanpagekarma can help optimize your social media marketing strategy.


3. Befunky

Befunky is an easy and useful photo editor and collage maker. It has all functions you need for editing photos for your social media channels from the simple edits like crop, option of changing colors, beautify and more advanced edits like fill light, exposure, and straighten.  Many interesting fonts are available that can be used to make posts with tips, quotes and facts.


4. Piktochart

A Malaysian startup based in Penang, Piktochart is service for creating elementary infographics or graphic image using ready templates or creating something on your own. An important feature of Piktochart is its HTML publishing capability, which generates infographics that are readable by search engines, with multiple clickable elements for users.


5. Photoshop online

Photoshop online or Photoshop Express Editor makes your snapshots look great with easy options for quick fixes and creative enhancements. You can experiment with filters and fonts “liven up” your graphics with simple actions.

Photoshop online

6. Flikr

Flickr lets you upload, access, organize, edit, and share your photos from any device, from anywhere in the world.


7. Schedugram

Is Instagram a part of your social media marketing? Then Schedugram is an excellent tool for you.  It lets you manage multiple Instagram accounts. Instagram was designed as a mobile tool, but Schedugram gives opportunity to post from your desktop or laptop. It allows you to schedule your posts and post photos as well as videos. It also has tools that allow you to do things like crop, add filters, light and saturation properties and other cool effects before posting.


8. Gratisography

Gratisography is a fresh service with free high-resolution pictures you can use for your personal and commercial projects. All pictures were photographed by Ryan McGuire. The choice is large and if you are tired of Google images and want some variety, you are welcome to use Gratisography. It is weekly updated with new pictures.


9. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service, offered by Google. With Google Alerts, you can monitor your topics and regularly receive mails of the most recent mention of it on the Internet. Secondly, it allows you to track mentions of your company or even a person.

Google Alerts

10.  Google URL Shortener

The most important aspect is that you to track, in real-time, the clicks and referrers on any shortened URL – a perfect tool to help you understand what appeals to your audience.

Google URL Shortener