My Internship Experience – Nikhar Aggarwal

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, Marketing, MBA, Analytics, meeting new people every day. If your life revolves around these or if you want it to revolve around these, then Digital Marketing is the pick! With my choices completely in sync with the above description, I was super excited about getting a campus pick at Social Beat for my internship. Never been to the south before, and having my first MBA internship at Chennai I was a little sceptical. But with a lot of positivity, hopes and eagerness to learn something new, I arrived the office on 10th April.  The day 1 began with the introduction of the company and the first plunge into the world of digital marketing. The induction continued for 2 days. Everyone whom I met was so humble, knowledgeable and so sweet, ready to help, no matter how occupied they were – right from the co-founders, Suneil and Vikas to everyone at Social Beat. From that moment onwards I got the feeling that it’s going to be one amazing journey.

Reluctant, whether they would give me some big clients to handle or I would end up doing just backend work, as is the assumption, I gladly failed! Right from the start, they gave me work for some great clients and thereafter there was no looking back. Anuradha, my mentor, trusted me completely and provided me with a flavour of every vertical possible. There was so much to learn from her. The composure to tackle different clients, the one-stop solution for every creative idea that you need. It was brilliant ideating with her on business development proposals like Skore. It didn’t stop there. My learning and experience doubled under the guidance and support from my mentor part II, Roshni. With similar working style and so much more in common, it was a cake walk for me. I learnt the basics right, handled a few clients and explored digital marketing to great extent with her, together trying many new features – a never ending process. I was lucky to work with many-many members of the company, be it the content team, designers, social media team, SEO and Ads team. Interaction with each one of them was unforgettable.

I never knew this field could be so vast yet so interesting. I guess my love for digital marketing has just increased by leaps and bounds with this internship. This journey at Social Beat became altogether more special, thanks to my life support here – Srinidhi, Ashish, Parvathi, Akshita, Antriksh, Roshni, Nandita, Ayesha, Sanjana and the list is endless. Will miss the rooms 287, 298 and 338.Team at social beat

A special thanks to Suneil and Vikas, for trusting me with my work and giving me the opportunity to make business development proposals and do research for various clients. They have been the best bosses ever!

Thank you Social Beat for making this experience oh-so memorable and full of new learnings. Will miss this company, the company where people never sleep, where people fulfil all their dreams !! 😊


One Page Website SEO Tips

One page websites are becoming the talk of the town as many companies are switching to these. But what do they mean? Are they search friendly? What should you do to rank them high on Google? You will have all such questions. So let’s take them one by one.

What is a Single Page Website?

A single page website aims to provide minimalist but just enough information for a user to make a decision and act upon it. It has no additional pages and tries to remove all the complexity and varied user journey that a multi-page website would have. A single page website drives the user’s attention to the most relevant content. Various real estate companies like Mahindra Lifespaces, Baashyaam Constructions and Ramcons are taking its resort. However, you can have additional pages such as Terms & Conditions page, Privacy Policy, Refunds, Returns  & Shipping pages, options for alternative languages. These links can be embedded in the footer of the web page.

Ramcons Insignia


Mahindra Lifespaces


Pros & Cons of a Single Page Website


  1. Mobile responsiveness is better as scrolling works for the mobile phone and the user experience is simple and efficient.
  2. You can show the entire journey you want the user to experience through a single page.
  3. Controlling the flow of information is easier, and you can focus on a particular product or service
  4. You can incorporate a lot of images to make it visually attractive.


  1. Excessive scrolling can be a challenge if there is too much content on a single page.
  2. Website speed is an extremely critical factor. Depending on how the site is built, the load time can be longer.
  3. Difficult to measure, which content section drives visitors to your web page.
  4. One page web pages are not user-friendly for blog-centric companies.
  5. Not great for SEO as you only have the opportunity of one URL showing up in search results.

How to rank Single Page Website?

SEO tricks for one page website

  • Content Section

Since it is a one-page website, your content needs to be extraordinary, with a lot of images for the audience to be hooked on to it.  However, make sure there is enough content, and the readability is not compromised. Also, keep the content updated and fresh, as that is what Google loves. You can keep a navigation bar for various sections on the top so that the visitor can directly jump to that position rather than scrolling through the entire page.

Baashyam Constructions

  • Exercise DIVs for different content sections

One of the best practices when it comes to coding for a one-page website is to have separate div for different content sections.  It makes the code look organised and neat. These div id names do not directly improve the search engine rank but help indirectly through the anchor tags.

<div id=“overview”>…content…</div>

<div id=“amenities”>…content…</div>

<div id=“gallery”>…content…</div>

<div id=“floor plan”>…content…</div>

  • Use Anchor Links

Anchor links will help the visitor navigate to a particular portion of the web page. These will create search engine friendly URL on your web page. You can also create anchor text backlinks on the site, on your blogs as below.

<div id=“overview”>…content…</div>

//Creating its anchor link

<a href=”overview”>Overview</a>

//backlink example
<a href=“”>Amenities</a>

  • Employ multiple H1 Tags and other on page factors

Paginate your content using various H1 headers and forms. This technique will control the flow of information, and they will also act as keywords for our page. Hence they will help in SEO. You can also look at our detailed blog on the On Page SEO factors that matter to see how you can employ some of these techniques for your web page.

  • Encourage linking to social media

Social media does matter for SEO, and hence it is a good idea to link to various social media platforms so that you can reach out to a larger audience for online marketing. You can also implement various other link building methods, which are listed on our blog.

Some additional interesting facts

Bounce rates could be high for a single page website because Google Analytics will not account for numerous page views unless you refresh the page.

Single page websites may not be useful for every business, but they are quite appealing and create unique user experience altogether. You can use such tricks to rank your page higher.

Do share your views and suggestions in the comments section and if you have more hacks to rank the single page website higher, feel free to share with us.