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Junior Brand Strategist/ Brand Strategist

Develop Brand Stories and Strategies

Brand strategists help clients develop their brand’s story. Combining analytical and creative elements, strategists use specific data to devise a short- or long-term strategy to position the brand and build market share. Brand strategists seek to deliver ideas and concepts that set their client apart from competitors, creating a strong position for market growth and recognition across various media channels.

Conduct Research

Brand strategists spend a significant amount of time conducting research on clients’ current marketing strategies, customer profile, and market share to develop a strong sense of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve brand positioning. Brand strategists may also conduct high-level research related to a client’s competitors, examining current marketing and branding trends within the client’s industry.

Analyze Data

Data analysis is also vital to brand strategists. In order to develop a successful and impactful brand strategy, strategists gather and assess a wide array of data, ranging from customer feedback to surveys measuring brand recognition and engagement. They use this data to discover trends and insights that can then be used to develop a successful strategy.

Write Copy and Brand Strategy Documents

Brand strategists are effective communicators, preparing brand strategy documents and writing copy for marketing materials. They frequently write copy to develop a client’s voice and brand story, and being able to consistently write in this voice is key to developing a consistent brand story. Strategists also create brand strategy documents, providing guidelines to various departments to ensure consistency.

Present Strategies to Clients

As they develop marketing and communications strategies, brand strategists present their findings, concepts, and progress to clients. Brand strategists also work closely with clients to fine-tune messaging throughout the process.

Collaborate with Creative Teams

In order to successfully translate a brand’s strategy or story into marketing collateral and advertising campaigns, a brand strategist needs to successfully collaborate with creative teams that can include web and graphic designers, copywriters, and video production crews. The brand strategist directs, oversees, and signs off on creative elements to ensure that materials adhere to client guidelines and are in line with the current brand strategy.

Summarising Brand Strategist Responsibilities:

  • Conducting extensive primary and secondary research.
  • Staying up-to-date on consumer research and market trends.
  • Analyzing research, data and trends.
  • Creating competitive reviews and situational analyses.
  • Identifying insights, challenges and opportunities.
  • Developing brand architecture, positioning and strategy.
  • Writing compelling brand stories.
  • Meeting and presenting to clients.
  • Briefing and collaborating with creative teams.
  • Leading ideation and brainstorming sessions.

Brand Strategist Requirements:

  • Previous experience as a brand strategist or similar role.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Experience leading client meetings.
  • Analytical and problem-solving mindset.
  • Creative and compelling storyteller.
  • Strong research skills.
  • Strategic thinker.
  • Excellent presentation & communication skills.
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