4 Ways To Overcome A Creative Block

  • June 1st, 2020
  • Preksha Bokaria
  • January 28, 2021 12:28 pm

Staying confined within the four walls of our house, now seems like the perfect time to be productive and achieve ’creative greatness.’ But just when you want to be your most inventive self, you may feel locked out of your creative space. This happens when the weight of a mental block bogs you down. This can happen to anyone in the creative field. For some, the ink doesn’t flow, for some it’s the words and for most people, it’s just the struggle of getting those ideas out!

Let’s be honest here. Nobody can define what causes a creative block. No matter how prepared you are, there is no guarantee that you won’t run into this dreaded block. But don’t worry, this too shall pass! Just like how every artist has their own style, everyone has their own way of overcoming this jam. Here are some tips and creative block exercises on how you can overcome creative block and stay inspired.

New Sources of Inspiration

Sometimes, the monotony of everyday work stops us from thinking beyond what is required. We don’t step out of our safe space and as author, Farrah Gray rightly said, “Comfort is the enemy of achievement.” When this happens, try doing something out of your comfort zone. Try exploring art through the eyes of your favourite artist or designer. By observing other artists’ work and analysing their techniques, you might learn something new, look at things from a different perspective, and generate new ideas.

Awakening your senses might help you discover great ideas too. Never define your boundaries, because ideas and inspiration can be found anywhere, even beyond visual arts – cultural experiences, movies or live concerts!

Try a Different Medium

Exploring a new medium can also help unblock creativity. When you try and expand your skill set in another medium, you will be more willing to experiment creatively without any expectations. If you are a graphic designer, try designing something with clay or paper. If you are a copywriter, try photography. This way, you overcome creative block obliquely, rather than head-on. By diversifying your creative experiments, you diffuse your ‘Am I creative enough?’ performance anxiety, one new medium at a time.

Changing Your Workspace

When you feel lost between trying and failing to produce artwork, tackling your workspace can be the first step to get back on track. A change of scenery can bring a lot of difference to your creative flow. Stepping out of your room for a while or even going for a walk can refresh your vigour for working. As Jonah Lehrer writes, “Several new science papers suggest that getting away—and it doesn’t even matter where you’re going—is an essential habit of effective thinking.” Start by bringing order to your studio: clean the floor, organise your materials and complete all the menial tasks that you’ve been postponing. You may overcome creative block and find new ideas for work while occupied with these tasks.

Focus on Yourself

If you feel stressed at work, give yourself the permission to abandon your project for a while. After spending hours on something, stepping away from it briefly might do you good. Eat a snack, go for a walk, take a ‘me-day’, binge-watch your favourite show or just take a nap. A tired body will keep you from doing your best. Try finding the balance between yourself and your work!

A creative block may be the last thing you need when your work and life depends on you being innovative. But now, you know how to unclog your mind and get your creative juices flowing. As Pablo Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” The next time you feel stuck, try one of the methods from this list and work towards developing your creative self!

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