We are looking for a trailblazer with a competitive spirit and solid communication skills to head our team in Bangalore. The ideal candidate will be a dynamic individual who is capable of working with teams and strategically develop new ideas and take initiatives. They must have excellent communication skills with wide business acumen to achieve set targets and meet the required goals.

As the head of Bangalore, your responsibilities will be to:

  • Manage the social, ads, creative, web and all other teams in the Bangalore branch with a strong sense of direction and guidance.
  • Review all client accounts and provide regular inputs to the teams to propel them to stay ahead of competitors.
  • Structure and monitor the team performance and actively participating in the hiring process to further stimulate growth and expansion.
  • Formulate business development activities with set goals that make a positive contribution to the organisation’s values and culture.
  • Develop ways to upscale existing accounts with a keen sense of integrity and good intellect.


  • Bachelor’s degree with a postgraduate degree in management or marketing
  • At least 6+ years of experience in digital marketing
  • Ability to handle a team of 25 members at the minimum

The head of our Bangalore branch should be someone who does not only have a good sense of business but also a great personality. If you feel you are the right candidate who can drive the growth of the organisation and bring out the best in your team, apply today!

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