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The growth of Ecommerce in India is at its Boom, evolution of 4g and digital india set a huge spike of smartphone users in India. It is estimated that by 2021 there will be 829 million smartphone users in India & every year we will have an ecomm growth rate of 51%.

After the COVID19 situation, every footfall to the store turned into online website traffic, every retailer is shtowing an urge to switch to the ecommerce platforms as 43% of the global consumers shopping online more frequently.

To sell your products online we have two business models:

  • Selling on Marketplace
  • Build your own Ecomm site

While most of the brands prefer to exist in both the platforms to generate better revenue.

Selling On Marketplace

Online marketplaces are websites or apps that sell products provided by multiple third parties in one place. This is not only beneficial from a customer perspective that they get to compare and choose between products from multiple brands but is also advantageous for the seller. In case the seller does not have their own website to showcase their products, they can always list them on marketplaces and begin their business. This gives a flexible market opportunity with relatively lower cost.

Though marketplaces charge commission and have a fixed fee structure associated with selling products, they take away the burden of shipping, delivering, payments from the seller. And opens the door to a huge customer base right from the onset of their business. Generally, these marketplaces have millions of visitors coming to check our products and the sellers can enjoy the benefit of this
customer base easily.

In India, with the rise in ecommerce platforms and digital dependency, there are numerous eCommerce marketplaces to solve a seller’s day to day problems of dealing with offline store management. Few of the top marketplaces in India are


Amazon India


Flipkart India

Amazon launched their marketplace Amazon.in in June 2013 with the aim of changing the way how buyers and sellers transact. Since then, Amazon has been catering services to almost 5.5lakh total sellers from all over India.

Amazon India

One of India’s leading platform for selling online – Flipkart allows manufacturers, vendors, suppliers to sell their products online with minimum investment. They focus on empowering sellers across India by offering exclusive seller workshops, training and seller support.

Flipkart India

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