We Aim to Create

A forum to explore your
problem-solving abilities

A space to flex your
Design thinking muscles

Social and
Behavioral change

Our Brand Statement

Design Beat celebrates the power of creative problem solving through design and aims to provide solutions to help communities. It is an effective platform for you to expand your network, build your practice and engage in hands-on creative leadership opportunities.

Design Beat recognizes the power of creative confidence and thinkers that can benefit our homes, our communities, our country and the world. This serves as a platform for designers, storytellers and creative thinkers to become a catalyst for change through creating for positive social impact. This is a powerful resource and a beacon for designers leading the charge, so gear with your breakthrough ideas!

With creative thinking workshops, design sprints and exercises to remove creative blocks, we aim at creating an ever-evolving community of creative crusaders.

Calling out to all creative thinkers, design thinkers, creative strategists, designers, storytellers and marketers to understand and harness the power of design thinking and become a catalyst for change.

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