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Programmatic Advertising

How can it help your brand scale your digital marketing efforts?

Why use

programmatic advertising?

  • Single View of Users and consolidated reportsGain a single view of users and analyze the performance of ads across multiple channels with the help of campaign manager and DV360

  • Widen your
    audience pool
    Access a larger inventory and reach audiences across various publishers, OTT’s and audio streaming services

  • Leverage Rich
    media creatives
    Create interactive ads like Parallax, Flipbook, Cue Cards, and Audio banners to engage with your target group

  • Ad fraud and
    brand control
    Secure your ads by ensure they are placed on trusted sites and eliminate the chances of ads showing on spammy websites

  • Comprehensive targeting
    and improved tracking
    With audience insights and mining, you can optimise campaigns with efficiency and produce elevated results

  • YouTube Trueview
    via DV360
    Precise tracking of post view and view through conversation for large scale trueview and bumper campaigns. The campaigns can be better optimized on DV360 with the help of AI & ML.



To launch a high impact branding campaign in a specific city, the main objectives were to accurately measure post-view and post-click activities, as well as consolidate media buying. Beyond this, we aimed to save advertising dollars with the help of DCM’s audience overlap report.


We executed this with 4 different solutions:

  • By creating and integrating multiple floodlight activity tags, we tracked post-view and post-click website visits, the number and details of app installs, transactions on the websites, and more.
  • With DCM, we created trackers for clicks and impressions for every site that ran our ads.
  • We used insights from Google Analytics to target multiple audience segments of great value, such as affinity and in-market on YouTube.
  • And last of all, we strategically segregated insertion orders with regard to iOS, Android and Web to measure the individual impacts, while the campaign was optimised in realtime.


The following were the results we delivered, making the campaign a success while meeting each of our targets:

  • 2% less overlap across YouTube and OTTs like Hotstar, Zee5 and Voot.
  • Added 10+ floodlight activity conversions to measure and optimise media buying for maximum traction
  • Based on the realtime results, we shifted the budgets accordingly to top-performing campaigns


To generate awareness about the brand’s authenticity and brand identity, and to drive quality traffic to the website, our objectives were to use innovative ad formats such as Parallax in order to stand out from the crowd and attain the lowest cost per reach possible.


Our strategy to achieve the objectives was launched in 3 different ways:

  • We created innovative Parallax ads with Anil Kapoor helping to deliver a message that implied Malabar’s credibility versus competitors’.
  • While trying to minimize CPC, we also reached highly relevant audiences with automated bidding.
  • And finally, to prevent the waste of ad-spends, we implemented brand safety measures and eliminated irrelevant sites.


Our three-pronged approach helped us drive the following successful results:

  • 30% reduced CPM
  • The average session duration was 20%+ more on the website when compared to Facebook
  • 18%+ pages/session than Facebook audiences
  • 4% reduction in bounce rates compared to Facebook

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Programmatic Advertising: The Future of the online advertising landscape

Programmatic advertising is considered to be one of the biggest digital marketing trends in 2019 and Google has predicted that 60% of its advertising budgets will be put towards programmatic by the end of this year. Although programmatic advertising has taken over a fair share of the digital advertising space, there is still a level of uncertainty among many marketers. The main reason for this is the lack of information when it comes to programmatic advertising and the reluctance in letting go of traditional advertising methods. So how can programmatic advertising help you take your customer reach to the next level?


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