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Innovative digital marketing strategies

for real estate resulted in astounding sales and lead generation.

The Objective

Casagrand approached us with the intention of realising a massive goal – one that required careful planning and execution. Here are some innovative strategies we at Social Beat envisioned to meet the brief.

Creative Solutions

We began with a holistic campaign in mind – one that was never seen before in South India’s real estate landscape. 18 of Casagrand’s projects were offered at discounted rate for just 100 hours! The 100 Hour Campaign, conceptualised and executed completely in-house consisted of a two-fold strategy – branding and lead generation. Before we began running ads for the 100 Hour Campaign, we tapped into the new consumer base online who were unaware of the affordable luxury segment offered by Casagrand.

We utilised a number of effective digital marketing strategies including running YouTube Bumper Ads, aggressive promotions on all of Casagrand’s social media handles and roadblock ads in some of India’s top newspaper publications including The Hindu and Times of India. These techniques helped in raising awareness about Casagrand as a brand, reaching new audiences and simultaneously targeting existing customers

Going the extra mile

Leads are important for any business to grow. To ensure we targeted consumers at every stage of their purchase process, we employed a number of techniques to generate high quality leads. We began with creating 18 different landing pages for each project on sale, with gmail video ads leading to these pages.

We even created Countdown Ads on Google to create a sense of urgency and excitement among patrons. To further boost lead generation, we concentrated on taking the 100 Hour Campaign to various content discovery platforms like Taboola, Colombia, Adzebra, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Solutions at a glance

Bumper Ads

on Social Media

Roadblock Ads
in top newspapers

Landing Pages for
18 projects

Video Ads

Ads on Google

Business impact

At Social Beat, we pride ourselves for always pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating innovative digital marketing techniques. With every project we undertake, our priority is always to place our clients’ needs at the front and centre of everything we do. With the 100 Hour Challenge, we were able to combine our creativity and digital capabilities to reach some seriously lofty goals. Our customised and focussed efforts helped in achieving astounding results – the most important being a happy client.

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