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Thanks to affordable data plans and smartphones, India’s next wave of Internet users are from the tier II and III cities. This phenomenon has led to an increase in the number of Internet users who are comfortable with non-English speaking languages. So, how do brands keep up? That’s where multilingual marketing comes in and is soon becoming one of the most effective ways to engage with the next billion Internet users of India.


Huge target audience


Voice Search


Emotional Connect


Competitor Advantage

Challenges faced by various sectors


As a brand, merely translating your existing messaging into a number of different languages will not cut it. Speaking to these growing audiences involves a deep understanding of their interests, lifestyle and culture.

With a majority of Internet users consuming regional content, brands are facing the constant challenge of engaging with users who are not comfortable with English.

Brands are consistently striving to attract potential consumers and connect with them emotionally in order to create a long-lasting bond of trust and assurance.

Not everyone who engages with your content will necessarily convert to your brand unless you convince them in a language they are fluent in. Brands are in the lookout for innovative techniques to create a connection with their audience.

Building a brand image in the city your brand was launched in is just the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge lies in creating a national brand that targets consumers from all parts of the nation.

The growth of regional content online has pushed brands to consider translating their posts in regional languages to reach a wider Indian audience. However, the challenge lies in bringing users all the way down to the marketing funnel until they ultimately convert to the brand.

Our Solutions


We work with brands to identify their biggest target market, understand the consumers within it and identify the languages to speak to them in. With a large network of native content strategists and creators, we craft a digital strategy, specially customised for your brand in the language(s) your target audience understands.

End-to-end multilingual marketing

In order to engage with the next billion users, the entire digital strategy needs to be in the same language. From the website to the advertisements they see, our native content strategists work with your brand to design and end-to-end digital marketing plan in a language your audience is comfortable in.


We have worked with a few of the leading names of the nation and helped them achieve profound growth in both reach and revenue. Don’t believe us? Let the following statistics give you a better idea:

2.3 million views &

generated by a vernacular video for Cholamandalam Finance

90% growth
in leads

through Multilingual Marketing for Casagrand


KhataBook listed in top 50 most downloaded apps in 45 days

The objective:

KhataBook is a first of its kind digital credit tracking system in India which offers utility building services to 60 million small and medium businesses. Using KhataBook, you can digitally record the credit extended to customers and help your business grow. KhataBook came to us with a simple goal: How can we reach out to millions of people across tier 2 and tier 3 cities as quickly as possible? They wanted to raise brand awareness, interact better with existing customers and find new customers that cut across geographic and linguistic barriers.

Our Strategy:

To create a sustained measurable impact, we used 9+ platforms to optimise ADs, instals and in-app actions all across 10 Vernacular languages. We used static, animated and live-action creatives to reach out to people in their own languages. Backed with an optimised Google search campaign, we used social platforms like TikTok to tap into new audiences and reach out to many people at the same time.

What did we achieve?

  • Top 50 most downloaded apps on Google Play Store in less than 45 days
  • 1million+ app downloads

65% increase in qualified leads through Bengali ads for Shriram Properties

The objective:

Shriram Properties is one of India’s leading real estate developers with projects across Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Kolkata. Shriram Properties approached us with a unique challenge – they required us to sell a huge number of units from their latest project Shriram Grand City, an affordable housing property located in Uttarpara, West Bengal. Due to the nature of their target audience profile and the location of the project, an English-only approach would not have been effective.

Our Strategy:

Since the project was located in Uttarpara, we used Bengali in all of our marketing initiatives for it. In conjunction with a number of innovative Google Display advertising techniques, we also created a landing page in Bengali and ran multilingual ads. Our overall strategy included using Custom Affinity 2.0 to develop audience profiles similar to those who visited competitor thank you page URLs, Accelerated Mobile Pages as well as Google Optimise to enhance the websites UI/UX.

What did we achieve?

  • 65% of leads were qualified as prospective home buyers
  • 35% reduction in Cost Per Lead
  • 59% of total conversions came from our Display Campaigns

Viral Facebook video with over 79,000 shares for Cholamandalam Finance

The objective:

Headquartered in Chennai, Cholamandalam Finance is one of India’s largest finance and investment services provider. Their target audience mostly consists of entrepreneurs and small business owners in Tier II and Tier III cities. The objective was simple – raise brand awareness, engage with current customers and reach newer audiences. They were open to creating an interactive video to help achieve their goal.

Our Strategy:

The video we created was created specifically with Cholamandalam’s audience in mind. The video was an animated one that featured life lessons one can learn from an ant. When the English version garnered a reach of 409,609 with 3k shares, we decided to convert the video to Hindi to take advantage of the reach vernacular content has.

What did we achieve?

  • 2.2 million views, 94% of which are organic.
  • 7 million traction reach
  • 79k shares and 50k reactions.

Leveraged Multilingual Marketing for Swiggy to gain 44million + views on TikTok

The objective:

Swiggy’s prides itself in bridging the gap between thousands of restaurants and hungry consumers every day. Swiggy has thousands of delivery personnel or ‘hunger saviours’ constantly delivering food all day. Swiggy came to us with one goal: How can we position Swiggy as a compelling delivery partner choice? To meet this objective, we came up with a plan to raise awareness on the ‘Swiggy Star Hunt’ challenge where delivery boys could show off their creative side on TikTok and thereby create a personal touch with the audience.

Our Strategy:

We led a strong social media campaign and shared 4 different teasers about the talent hunt. The teasers were relatable, funny and filled with quirky puns and catch-phrases to get people talking about the campaign. To create more buzz around the contest, we reached out to 7 famous TikTok influencers to spread the word in vernacular languages. The influencer TikTok campaign alone garnered 57 lakh views organically!

What did we achieve?

  • 44Million + views on TikTok
  • 1500+ video uploads on TikTok
  • 350+ delivery boy participants

It became viral in no time. That’s Multilingual marketing done right!

india’s leading brands trust social beat to power their digital presence

Navi Financial
Sony Music
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target Understand
Who you are and what your audience wants.

target Ideate
Come up with original and customised campaign
ideas in the local language.

target Create
Give your digital marketing efforts the local flavour
that ranks organically and is shareworthy.

target Amplify
Reach your market through targeted advertising


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