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Take better business decisions with a more data-informed approach towards your campaigns. We use Google and Facebook as platforms to import and analyse campaign data.

Using data and insights to drive and fulfil campaign performance

Understand the top-performing parameters of each campaign to enhance your ad reach

Track campaigns

Track web traffic

Track customer data

Performance Dashboard

Campaign oriented tracking with our in-house analytical tool which enables customisable dashboards for clean reporting.

Track campaigns
We track campaign data to gather insights which help drive data-backed decisions to optimize campaigns. Our tech-enabled tools present this data with transparency on customisable dashboards.
Performance check
Through ad data and insights, track the performance to fine-tune target settings to fulfil campaign objectives. Our dashboards enable customization based on business needs by integrating the results of good performing campaigns. With this, we customize and optimize ads based on parameters of performance and traffic.
Highlight campaign statistics
Our dashboards can show you which campaigns have had a higher ROI, as well as percentage changes between campaigns. This data enables you to put your best foot forward as you plan your brand strategy.

Website & App Dashboard

Track webpage traffic or app usage
Our dashboards display data on your brand’s website traffic or app usage and report which pages are performing well, and which need to be optimised.
Optimised performance checks
Analyse which channels are performing better in terms of users, sessions, and bounce rate metrics.
Understand your consumers better
Learn more about the behaviour of people visiting your page, and use this data to optimise results.

Customer Insights

Track the best performing parameters
We use Google and Facebook as platforms to track audience data and understand pinpoint which geographic locations your ad is performing the most in, and which demographics are engaging with your ad most.
Gain behavioural insights
Building a relationship between the brand and the customer is important. We gather customer information for a better understanding of audiences engaging with your brand to help us refine campaigns to drive better results.

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