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Innovative Social Media Marketing




Innovative Social Media Marketing

About the client

IGP.com is India’s largest multi-category gifting company, providing one of the best curated collections of festival merchandise, gifts, fresh flowers, cakes, plants, gourmet foods & personalized products for all occasions & festivals.


IGP.com wished to establish itself in the luxury & designer rakhi gifting market. It sought to raise potential consumers' knowledge and consideration of IGP's festive gifting products.

Strategy/ Execution: Creating Hero assets for our campaign.

> We signed up a slew of Category A & B influencers, including a movie star like Parineeti Chopra, daily soap performers like Nakuul Mehta and Shivangi Joshi, radio jockeys like RJ Karishma, and digital creators like Shivani Bafna and Mili Jhaveri.

> We created customised scripts for all our influencers integrating the tagline "IGP.com Rishton ko nazdeek laayein.” The Social Beat team personally attended all the shoots monitoring the direction and adherence of script & brand guidelines.

> We launched awareness campaigns in the top 40 Indian cities as well as in a few other countries such as the United States and Canada.

Overall Media Approach

  1. The campaigns were divided on the basis of location, top 12 cities received most of the budget while the remaining budget was used in the next 28 cities.
  2. We used three distinct lengths for our influencer videos: 15, 30, and 45+ seconds.
  3. In terms of gender distribution, most of the budget was spent on the female audience as the product we were promoting was a rakhi set given by sisters to their brothers.

Our approach on DV360

  1. We chose Display, YouTube, Spotify, and Hindustan Times via programmatic, with the budget hierarchy being Non-Skip, Skip, Display, and Spotify.
  2. Similarly, the hierarchy was followed for audience segmentation, namely InMarket, Custom Affinity, and Affinity.
  3. 43% of the female TG was reached at least 3 times at an avg. frequency of 4.9 29% of the male TG was reached at least 3 times at an avg. frequency of 3.5

Our approach on Meta?

  1. Targeting audiences that fit the demographics of those who have recently relocated, are interested in gifting/personalized gifts, and so on.
  2. Shorter films were used to raise awareness, while lengthier ones were used to raise consideration.
  3. A reel-only campaign for vertical assets was created to garner better VTRs and CTRs.


  1. As the duration of the creative asset increased, the VTR% dropped and Cost per View increased. Bite-sized videos were scaled as a part of live optimisation
  2. Customized script for each influencer made the content more relatable and also helped in high organic engagement rates.

Results Achieved

342 million +


1.8 million +


147 million +

100% View (Completed View)

8 million +

Organic Views

50,000 +

Assisted Conversions

13.5% relative lift

as compared to Amazon

18.4% relative lift

in ad recall

9.7% relative lift

against direct competitors

11.9% lift in awareness

against direct competitors

21% increase

in transactions overall compared to previous year

15% increase

in revenue overall compared to previous year

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