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Client brief

Casagrand is one of South India’s leading real estate developers with over 12 million sq.ft of living spaces developed. However, despite their looming pan-Indian presence, Casagrand’s website did not reflect their prowess. Research suggests 92% of potential buyers do vigorous research online before ultimately making the purchase offline. To cater to these massive numbers, we at Social Beat envisioned an intuitive and user-friendly website for Casagrand.

Our strategy:

A year’s worth of data from Google Analytics and heat maps from Crazy Egg helped us pinpoint pages with the highest engagement. Our UI/UX team then visualised personas, user flows and their consequential final outcomes to create the perfect website.

Highlight important features

After multiple interviews with Casagrand’s sales teams, we decided to highlight only Features, Price, Amenities, Walkthrough and Specifications – aspects that are critical to a consumer’s decision-making process.

Analysing user behaviour

Tracking User Behaviour online provides massive insights into how users land on your website, the sequence of their interactions, what they do before and after landing on your site, etc. Our research showed that the three most commonly visited pages were:

Locating nearby places
Floor plans and site progress images

These findings led us to include a “Predictive Search” function – it simplifies a user’s browsing experience and gives them options based on their search query. Casagrand’s Predictive Search focussed on projects, project details and blogs - pages that receive maximum engagement.

Envisioning mobile-first

80% of all Indians use their phones to access the internet. To reach as many of them as possible, Casagrand’s website was launched with a mobile-first approach. Minimalism and intuitiveness were the critical design goals so users would not be overwhelmed with a busy and non-responsive UX.

exploring interactive features

Interactive tools and features are a great way to increase engagement and time spent on your website. Casagrand’s new website holds three unique interactive features:

Know Your Neighbourhood lets users locate critical infrastructure of nearby places like schools, hospitals, IT hubs, restaurants, and so on
Walkthrough videos and images of floor plans and site progress
Schedule a Site Visit form that showed a 31% higher rate of conversion as compared to the previous website.

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