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Dell Exclusive is a chain of retail stores that are a one-step destination for all Dell products. These stores include the latest products by Dell, ranging from desktops and laptops to accessories.


While users can peruse products and get information about them on the website, the actual purchase of the products can only be done at the retail outlet. Because of this, the client wanted a strong Content and SEO strategy that would drive awareness of Dell products online but motivate consumers to visit their offline store to make the final purchase.


Buying a laptop is rarely -if ever- an impulse purchase. Because of the significant investment it requires, consumers generally spend a lot of time researching specifications of each laptop, comparing different models and settling upon a budget that works for them before they finally make a purchase. But what if they could do each of these steps on a single page?

To make this scenario come to life, we built a single page that would cater to each step of the consumer’s decision making process. This comprehensive page, known as a ‘pillar’, would help Dell Exclusive reach users who were still in the awareness stage and push them down the funnel, until they finally made a conversion at one of the offline stores.



To chart out the structure of the pillar content, we pinpointed concerns that buyers would have at each stage of their purchase journey.

When they first consider buying a new PC:

They might be wondering whether they should choose a desktop or a laptop.

Once they’ve decided on purchasing a laptop:

They will want to know the specifications they need to look for in a laptop.

Right before they make a purchase

They might be wondering whether they should choose a desktop or a laptop.

We used each of these pain points as topics for individual chapters within
the overarching topic of the pillar: The Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide.

Apart from providing valuable content to our audience, the chapters served a crucial SEO purpose. Each chapter was built around long-tail keywords specific to that sub-topic. This allowed the pillar to rank for several related keywords, apart from just the main topic. In this way, a single pillar can rank for exponentially more keywords than a single blog can. Additionally, the chapters also linked to standalone blogs written on the specific topic. This created more link juice to the pillar page.



To give our pillar content an edge over the competition, we developed an interactive tool: The Ultimate Dell Laptop Finder Tool. This tool asks users a series of questions to understand what specifications they require in a laptop and what budget they have in mind. Based on this information, the tool suggests the perfect Dell laptop that ticks all the boxes. While displaying the results, the tool also displays the nearest Dell Exclusive store based on a user’s location. This worked as a clear and direct CTA, pushing users towards making an offline purchase.


Through this pillar, we were able to generate 170+ organic leads. Out of the leads generated, a number visited Dell Exclusive’s offline stores and actually purchased a laptop.


The revenue generated via sales through the pillar leads resulted in an 18x ROI on the pillar content.

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