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Campaign Objective

Enabling a 2-fold approach to digital - to broaden the top funnel while increasing efficiency for the CAC, focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization & Increasing Average Order Value, as well as, LTV of the customer.


Our strategy was to attract users to view the products in a highly competitive industry and consider becoming a boAthead The creative approach included a good mix of products, celebrities and eye-grabbing visuals were used to attract the users in addition to attractive pricing and offers.

A robust targeting strategy helped reach out to the relevant TG and increase ROI which included testing on various Audiences, Optimisation Events, Bidding Strategies, and Creatives customized for these cohorts.

Across channels we leveraged various innovations by adopting the test & learn approach and determined results basis metrics like CAC as well as those which drove the conversion rate higher.

On Google, leveraged smart shopping category campaigns to capitalize on the various brand assets; coupled with efficient YouTube video campaigns

Utilized discovery ads to segment various offers to attract audience segments within new users and differentiated communication to returning customers

On Facebook, we leveraged Placement Asset Customization features to ensure dynamic delivery of assets utilizing the entire canvas available as per the size of the placement

We would also regularly A/B test various creative communications to focus TG and leverage the top performing visuals & communication

Advanced Analytics & Reporting visuals on Google Data Studio. This enabled us to optimize geo/demographics that are driving highest ROAS broken down by category and by platform


317 %
Overall brand growth

5th Largest
wearable brand globally

14K+ orders
Short season sales


Conversion rate
increased by

AOV increased by

59% decrease
in cost per click & 15% lift in product interest during IPL

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