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Client Briefs

To identify which USP of their products
attracts their database and to also drive leads

Product Briefs

OlaMoney Postpaid - Credit line offered
to a select set of Ola Users
OlaMoney Super Insurance - Health Insurance
covers with minimum premium
OlaMoney Credit Card - Credit Card with different
spending limits offered to select set of Ola Users


The name Ola is well-known in the nation but since the products were new in the market, there was uncertainty and it was imperative that we understand the sort of content, the target audience will resonate with and devise a communication strategy that sells the product to the audience in the most effective manner. We, at, Social Beat curated the strategy by identifying different cohorts with different USPs. We had different communications for different age groups and different themes. Below are some examples of the same

Age Group : 40+

Product : Ola Money Super Insurance

Age Group : 30+

Product : Ola Money Super Insurance

Age Group : 20+

Product : Ola Money PostPaid

Bollywood Themed

Product : Ola Money Super Insurance

Highlighting the use cases

Product : OlaMoney Credit Cards

Once we had the communication strategy in place, the next phase was to initiate lead Generation and Traffic Campaigns on Facebook and Google to target these cohorts with the customised communication. We knew that content is key to convert the whitelisted users before rolling out the product to the mass.


We were able to generate1000+ High Quality Leads to extremely low cost.

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