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Understanding the requirement

Forum Vijaya Mall is one of the established shopping malls in Chennai, it was developed by the Prestige group in 2013. The mall positions itself as an ideal location for the users to shop and spend time with their loved ones. Every year Madras Day is celebrated to reminisce about the olden traditions and the extent to how Madras has evolved. As Forum Vijaya Mall is located in Vadapalani - the heart of the city, the brand decided to leverage this to spark a connection between the brand and people as the TG is the majorly south Indian.

Creative strategy

The main insight received was to explore a new route and build a connect with the users, hence the rap video came into place as it seemed like the perfect path to deliver a video that would stay on the mind of the users.

Another major strategy was to increase organic engagement, and establish a personal connect from the brand’s end, digitally. We also wanted to position the brand as their ideal location to shop and have a joyful day at their mall.

How we made it happen

Business impact

This was one of the most cost-efficient campaigns and were successful to build a personal
connect between users and the brand.

Total reach

2 lakh users+

Organic engagement


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