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Gamezy is the most recent application created by Gameskraft,India's quickest developing gaming company. With Cricket being India's preferred game, Gamezy contacted us, to help tap into the Millenials of the nation, given some USPs that set them apart from the rest.

  • Accessible in 8 languages
  • Players can be changed before the second innings begins
  • 5-a-Side (a choice to play without picking 11 players a side)


  • User Acquisition
  • More Installs, Add Cash to wallet and Game Plays
  • Lowers CPIs and CPPs
  • Conveying Gamezy as an application that is allowing the crowd to play their most loved game online in their preferred language

The main objective of the campaign was to increase the number of installs with a lower cost per install. Since this is a realtime money based application, the Add Cash (number of users who have added cash to the wallet) and "Game Plays" (number of times the users have played the game) metrics were of great importance to be achieved with lesser cost.


Considering the huge user database of nearly 178Mn Monthly Active Users and 60% of User Generated Content on TikTok, we understood that it would be a great platform to reach a specific audience based on the interest filters available. TikTok's basic concept of "People Trust People" definitely applies in this scenario where we are advertising money based gaming apps. It also allows us to leverage the diverse influencers of different languages to promote our app to their communities.


A Multi-Creatives Approach: Given the multiple events, and USPs of Gamezy there were different categories of videos which were used:

  • Event-based(Valentine's Day)
  • Team-Based (Match Days)
  • USP based (Advantages)
  • User-Generated Content
  • Influencer Videos
  • Animated Videos
View Through Conversions:

Our first step to achieving our goal was to optimize for View Through Conversions to not miss out on the post-view attribution. This refers to the installs that take place after a person has watched the entire video ad on TikTok. We saw a significant rise in the number of purchases/Add Cash events by adopting this route.

Our Bid Strategy:

We opted to "Maximize conversions" which was used along with standard bidding as the bidding strategy to increase the number of conversions and achieve results

Ad Tags Refresh:

based on the current trend and competitor apps also has helped in increasing the performance of the campaigns.

A city-wise approach:

Given the higher demand in certain cities, we opted to run city-specific campaigns with communication in regional languages


Of users who installed, added cash and played the game helped in high intent audiences and drove approximately 35% of installs.



increase in


increase in numbers
of installs


Decrease in the
cost per installs


increase in customers
who Added cash.

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