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Understanding the requirement

Royal Sundaram General Insurance is the first private sector general insurance company in India
and is known for the wide range of services in their policies.

The task at hand was to help give them qualified leads for the Health Insurance policies in the
most cost-effective manner. They wanted us to achieve this via Google Search.


We realised that the path towards the solution of this task is to completely understand their brand,
services, competition & how audiences go about looking for insurance policies online.

Our initial keyword research uncovered that the search volumes were huge for competitiors in the Health
insurance sector which simply means that, a lot of people search for insurances online and they do this
mostly through competitive keywords.

This made it clear to us that Search is a powerful tool to be leveraged in this category.

Our Approach

We approached the Search Campaign from a 360 degree angle to understand all
possible ways of optimizing the campaigns.

  • Expanded the list of target keywords based on consumer insights as well as keyword planner.
  • Bidding for more competitor keywords compared to brand keywords.
  • Executed the target cost per acquisition strategy as the aim was to decrease CPL, which in turn increased the validity.
  • Participated in moderate competition by bidding less, which helped in reducing the overall CPC.
  • Continuous monitoring and optimizing bids based on devices, locations & age group.
  • Uploaded the qualified data to the backend which helped in optimising campaigns for qualified leads.
  • Continuous analysis of search terms and updated the negative kw list regularly.
  • Reworded the ad copies in order to suit the keywords which would thus be relevant to the querie of the consumer.


Our strategy helped in getting higher influx of qualified leads, which also resulted in a 58% reduction in
CPL compared to the beginning of the campaign.

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