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Client Brief

Malabar Gold & Diamonds, the well-known Indian jewelry brand, wanted to leverage the occasion of International Men’s day to raise awareness and build relatability to their platinum jewelry for men. They wanted a campaign that not only gave them sales and walk-ins but also could break through the clutter on digital media that is usually seen during this time of the year.

Our Approach

We at Social Beat realized that in order to break the advertising clutter we had to leverage a new format along with an innovative creative concept to lure in the audience’s attention on social media and other digital platforms.

We realized that the best way to break the clutter would be to leverage Thumbstopper videos, which were the latest format introduced by Facebook. Once this was finalized our next challenge was to develop a creative concept and messaging that would fit the Men in Platinum collection and the 10s short format of Thumbstopper videos.

Insight of the campaign

The majority of people in India believe that men do not possess the characteristics of being soft, delicate and empathetic. This drove our concept, through which we communicated that the masculinity of a modern man lies in the finer characteristics that allude confidence in his every action, be it small or big.

How did we execute it

Conceptualized and produced a series of Thumbstopper videos

We conceptualized two videos that showcased activities that seemed conventionally masculine at a single glance but when zoomed out discloses the gentle side of a man, trying to build a dollhouse for his daughter or helping his wife get ready for a dinner party. We wanted to communicate that Men in Platinum confidently embraces the gentle side of his personality. We also kept in mind that, since Malabar Gold and Diamonds is largely a female-oriented brand, this communication would relate to that audience as well. We used the messaging “He is Finest in his element” which rightly put across our insight.

Leveraged these videos in innovative formats on Social Media Handles

We used a mobile-first approach for these videos, which meant that they were vertically sized and of a duration of 10s. The concept was communicated on Malabar Gold’s social media handles using Facebook and Instagram posts along with stories that would drive organic reach and engagement.

Driving awareness and store visits through performance campaigns

We used these videos on Facebook with an objective to raise awareness in different cities mainly targeting the male audience. We also ran these videos on YouTube which helped in building both awareness of the brand and driving store visits.

And what did we achieve


hike in completion rates



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