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Neuberg Diagnostics - Anywhere Anytime Campaign

How we banked on popular social media channels to generate 1.98 LAKHS VIEWS & REACHED 88,684 PEOPLE.

Client Brief

Neuberg Anywhere, Anytime is one of its kind campaign to generate awareness about the unique and free 24x7 services provided by Neuberg to collect samples of blood, urine and carry out an ECG test. The aim of the campaign was to emphasize on the importance of frequent health checkup across ages of 25 to 55, especially among working professionals who have time constraints and other obligations to take care of. This campaign will bring to their notice how primary health check-up can be done from the comfort of their houses to the convenience of their offices, at any time of the day.

Client Brief

Objective of the campaign

Creating awareness about Neuberg’s unique sample collection and test service. Emphasise on the comfort and convenience that users of this service will be getting. Positioning Neuberg as an upcoming healthcare service amidst the already existing market players.

Creative Idea

Healthcare is a basic requirement for every person of different age groups. Provided the age range the campaign targeted varied a lot, we leveraged popular social media channels for this campaign to attract the comparatively younger population. Moreover, especially because people between ages 25 and 40 tend to work longer hours and consequently, their health takes a backseat, this campaign allowed them to learn about Neuberg’s services that they could avail at a time and place of their choice and convenience.

Teaser video

Social beat shared teaser videos across channels which symbolically featured busy professionals, late hours of the night, poor weather conditions and similar such conditions that are likely to hinder users from going for a health check-up. It created intrigue among users because the scenes featured were relatable to them, and it generated curiosity to know more about the service.


190K+ views

80K+ Reach

42.3% CPL Reduction

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