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About the company

Established in 2017, Hoichoi is an Indian on-demand video streaming service owned by SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd. It is the first OTT platform worldwide that streams content in the Bengali language exclusively. Its content features over 500 movie titles and more than 1000 Bengali songs for audio streaming all over the world.

Client brief

Hoichoi was looking to expand into Southern India catering regional content to markets of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka by developing a separate brand identity. They wanted to start by introducing the brand with a new name that would resonate with the local culture and behaviour.

Hence, It was necessary to first understand the culture and behaviour, then work on a brand identity accordingly and test it out in the market.


  • Understanding general content consumption behaviour on OTT platforms in the South Indian markets
  • The attitude of our audience towards regional content
  • Current status of regional content consumption in these different markets
  • Testing out brand names among the audience


Phase 1 - An online survey with a sample size of 100-150 to understand general behaviour on OTT platforms

Phase 2 - A market dipstick aimed at testing brand names & relatability with the audience from the South.


OTT viewing

Positioning & content

Brand Name


Through this exhaustive online research activity, we were able to understand the general consumer behaviour when it comes to consuming regional content on OTT platforms. We were also able to identify the most important social media channels that influence the OTT behaviour for our audience online. With an increasing number of options for watching content online, it was important for the parent brand to build a regional content platform that had a relatable identity with the audience in the South Indian region. For this, we conducted online concept testing with potential names for the new regional OTT brand and tested the inclination of the audience toward each option.

Our report included conclusive findings and recommendations for the new brand and an elaborate strategy on building it online.

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