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About the Brand

Headquartered in Singapore, Assetz property group is a front-runner amidst the multinational property developers in India. They design future-ready, eco-conscious homes with 'state of the art design' and characteristics that include sustainability, smart features, and space efficiency.

Campaign Objective/Brief

To understand the expectations of our audience in order to increase engagement and followership base on social mediaTo implement better communication and creative strategies onall Social Media Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.,

Strategy/ Execution

We conducted a two - pronged primary research in order to understand our audience - current and potential buyers, employees and industry leaders.

We ran a survey on Facebook & Instagram that prompted our followers & prospects to respond to a questionnaire to devise a strong digital strategy.

Additionally, we also ran a poll on LinkedIn to understand digital behaviour & expectations of the current follower base.


We received about 240 responses on the survey we ran and one of the key lessons was that our audience wanted to see static and video-based content at an equal ratio.

The survey brought light on how Reels could help us get wider organic reach, and we could also leverage on the Guides/ Tips & Tricks / Testimonials etc for better traction.

The survey gave us insights that on LinkedIn people are more interested about jobs and only about 6% of the people are interested in the real estate sector. Hence, the brand can increase engagement with their followers by focusing on ‘Employer Branding’ content.

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