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Digital Media Planning


Campaign Objective

To get 8000 new leads every month


Strategy / Execution

Scaler reached out to us with a requirement to increase monthly new leads from 3000 to 8000. The scale was to be achieved without any change in cost per lead. To tackle the challenge of scaling without an increase in cost, we started running creative experiments. We tested multiple variables like background/font color, vectors, imagery, clutter, and Calls to Action (CTA) to find the best possible results.
To ensure all the leads were new leads and to minimize repeat enquiries, we used dynamic exclusions based on website activity and also uploaded lead databases to platforms to exclude from our targeting.



Scaled from 8,000 to 56,000 new leads without any increase in costs per lead

Instructor Image vs Vector

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Instructor Imagery has given a 60% lower CPL than Stock Imagery and Vectors

Format of creatives - Static vs Carousel


Carousels have given a 26.48% lower CPL than statics

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