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Campaign Objective

The sole business goal for Dhani was to get maximum new app users via Dhani Games who would, in turn, use their App for Doctor Consultations, The Super Saver Card, Dhani Credit Line, and many more features that the App entails. The quantifiable goal was to achieve maximum installs at a low Cost Per Install and further optimize the campaigns for the lower funnel event of App Registrations at an optimum Cost Per Registration.

Strategy/ Execution

From multiple product options to choose from, making users play free games and win rewards was the best shot to grab attention and get installs.

With the use of a multilingual marketing approach with asset customization for both static and video assets, we managed to resonate with maximum people from the available Facebook universe. Almost all the major languages were used for communication with our audience. English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Gujarati were a part of our multilingual buckets.

The key focus was to concentrate on creating videos featuring hyperlocal influencers that would help deliver the message efficiently and also build credibility at the same time.

Apart from traditional campaigns, Facebook’s Automated App Install (AAA) campaigns along with UAC 1 & 2 on Google were activated to get immediate scale and volumes at preferable costs.

A creative refresh showcasing various communications routes was executed over every 14 day period to increase CTRs and lower costs in turn

A systematic analysis with deep insights on Google Data Studio made sure that only the best-performing ad campaigns, creatives, languages were scaled up, and the ones with low CTRs, high CPMs, and lower returns were scaled down.

Highlights of Influencer Videos

The influencer videos helped us achieve ~2X more scale than statics on multiple platforms.

We got registration at 20% cheaper costs via the influencer videos than static creatives.

Due to the influencer videos, we were able to acquire first-time game players at 47% better costs than static creatives

As compared to normal animated videos, influencer videos gave installs, registrations, and gameplays cheaper by 36.84%, 64.84%, and 31.33% respectively.








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