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Campaign Objective/ Client Brief

Immunity became a buzzword during the pandemic. With the cases rising, people were looking at newer ways to improve their health and stay strong.

Dr. Vaidya’s took this opportunity to give the consumers what they were looking for. They launched multiple immunity products and became a thought leader in the space of Ayurveda and healthcare. Through social media, they wanted to help educate their audience on the importance of Ayurveda, immunity, and redirect people to their website for sales.

Strategy/ Execution

Having observed the audience behavior from previous campaigns and the increasing trend for immunity boosters, we leveraged Instagram's various features to communicate about Ayurveda and the all-natural products from Dr. Vaidya’s

From facts, Ayurveda glossary, Ayurvedic tips, and relevant product information, we gave the audience information that they were looking out for in order to keep themselves healthy and immunized.

Through LIVE sessions with doctors and health & lifestyle influencers, interactive stories, brand GIFs, reels, educational IGTVs, and exciting contests, we engaged with the audience which in turn helped us increase our follower base.

All this in an aesthetically pleasing manner!





Profile Visits

19.9K (IN 8 MONTHS)
Follower Growth

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