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The team used the App, Features and experienced the UX first-hand to get a better understanding of the use-case.

We identified the Business Goals - The core business goals were highlighted as increasing the volume of installs followed by retention of those users by logging in as the 1st touchpoint and further, adding in new customers.


For the first campaign, we leveraged multiple combinations of creative resources like video ads, HTML creatives, static ads, GIFs, text ads. We also used the ad scheduling feature as we wanted to sustain the budgets over a longer period of time to yield better results. While the first campaigns were focused on installs, we soon moved to run campaigns optimized for in-app events.

Revamping Google Search Strategy

Revamped the Google Search Strategy with research done on the following

This was done to increase visibility to the high intent audiences, and stay top-of-the-mind to those relevant.

Revamping Google Display Strategy

As UACe campaigns were still not approved, we ran basic retargeting and remarketing ads. We built custom affinity audiences with competitor Apps and reached out to them by targeting them on Display. In our communication, we highlighted key USPs as to why KhataBook is better than competitors.

Singular as the single source of truth

We leveraged Singular for data optimization, and to get insights into multiple campaigns running on various platforms. We optimized all campaigns with insights from Singular, not the platform dashboard.

Adding new platforms to the mix - Facebook

We started ramping up Facebook acquisition optimized campaigns. To increase retention we started running In-App Event optimized campaigns leveraging interests, behaviours & lookalikes.

Funnel Approach

We used Cohort Analysis to understand the various drop-offs that occur by the App users. We gained interesting insights that people drop off without even adding a single customer. To verify this we consumer analysis. We spoke to the end-customer and understood why they are not using the App.

The reasons highlighted were that many don’t understand

We took these insights and added them to our Communication Strategy. We devised a strategy to increase retention by dedicated optimization campaigns.

Tapping into a new audience - Tik Tok

A successful find for the brand to reach out to a new audience using interests and other targeting options. We played with bids and content to increase relevance and optimization based on results. This helped establish Tik Tok as one of the important pillars for customer acquisition.


Affiliate marketing for stable growth

We tried and tested multiple affiliates and attended Affiliate summits to identify and get the best combination of affiliates at a stable cost. We also highlighted retention as a key benchmark to the affiliate sources.

Customer Research - Round 2

We spoke to inactive users who had previously frequently used the App and then stopped to understand the reason for drop-off. Reasons that were highlighted was a need for new features such as calculator, payments etc.

We then worked on these features and pushed them in the newer versions of the App. This helped increase daily and monthly active users.

UACe Campaigns

Started UACe campaigns on Google to help increase re-engagement with the App users and drive key steps within the App.

Innovation in tapping into newer markets

Our competitors focused only on Hindi as a language of communication. We saw the need for a vernacular approach and helped devise a strategy to reach out to the untapped Southern Market. We started with top-languages like Telugu followed by Tamil.

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