Health Care

Patients are increasingly searching for doctors online and booking their appointments. Whether you are an established healthcare brand or a growing clinic chain, it’s imperative to have a strong digital presence to allow patients to discover your specialized services. Our work with our healthcare clients, undertaking digital marketing for doctors and hospitals have borne exceptional results with 3X increase in the number of patient leads generated within 6 months of engagement.

Some of our Health Care Clients
The Social DNA – 5 tips for healthcare marketing on social media

In the constantly evolving digital space, social media has undoubtedly become the nuclear weapon of mass persuasion. Social media analyses huge number of people…

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Using Internet for Medical / Health Needs: Trends

India has reached a total of 205 million internet users in October 2013 (137 million in urban and 68 million in rural areas)*. Beyond…

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Evaluating the Online Presence of Clinics in India

 Most consumers today are not only just net savvy, but also explore…

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