Bringing Your Facebook Covers To Life!

  • Lalitha Shukla
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  • Published Date : 8 January , 2015
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  • Updated Date : 15 May , 2023
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    • 2 min read


The digital space has seen a lot of discoveries recently, Real-Time Covers or Live Covers for Facebook being one of them. is one of the first few companies to formally provide this interesting service to the brands that are present online. They offer a brand an auto-updating live Facebook cover that is based on some trigger. It is literally like bringing your Facebook Cover to life with live content & images, automatic refresh, dynamic & customized content and have it updated as often as every 1 minute! Fascinating isn’t it?
We certainly did find this service useful & interesting and ended up using it for one of our clients’ Facebook page which reached a milestone of 1,00,000 fans on Facebook. The idea was to showcase a Superhero on the cover image which would keep getting charged on receiving new likes.

This is how it looked in the beginning –

The trigger for the Facebook cover to update on its own was set at 200 likes. So every 200 likes, there was a new cover with the Superhero charging all the way up to achieving 1 Lac likes.

The idea behind using these live covers was to do something different for the fans and it was well-received by the audiences. The likes increased at a 2x rate and within 24 hours we were able to reach the mark of 1 Lac.

Live Cover served as a fruitful discovery for garnering attention from the audiences and also engaging them. In these times where every minute, there is a new digital trend, it becomes important to stay in the race and updated with these trends to unlock new parameters for brand building & extension.

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Ronak2015-01-16 < Reply

Very cool feature by Facebook. Haven't seen many brands leverage it enough!

Social Beat2015-01-17 < Reply

That's true Ronak. We are likely to see many more interactive features in Facebook in 2015.