Top 6 Mobile Measurement Partners in India

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Top 6 Mobile Measurement Partners in India

What is MMP? 

Mobile measurement partner (MMP) is a third-party attribution platform that measures, collects and organises app data, thereby helping companies to assess the overall performance of campaigns from a single dashboard. This type of platform analyses campaign performance across various marketing channels, ad networks and media platforms and subsequently provides the exact impartial overview of app attribution, to the extent of showing which source is responsible for the app install, app revenue or any other goal. 

A mobile measurement platform plays a pivotal role in helping app marketers track the accurate ROI of marketing campaigns and enable them to optimise the campaigns for better results.

How does an MMP work? 

By integrating SDK (Software Development Kit) which is a piece of code into the app, mobile measurement platforms can attribute each app engagement and post-app install activities to the exact media source and the marketing campaign. Thus, SDK helps you with which creative impressed the user and which ad lead to the app install or other conversions. 

There are a plethora of attribution models that help marketers measure the impact of their campaigns. However, multi-touch attribution is currently the most popular and preferred attribution model. This model identifies every touchpoint that urged the user to install the app and distributes the credit accordingly to the specific source. 

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Best Mobile Measurement Partners in India Every Marketer Should Know About 

1. Appflyer 

Appflyer is one of the most effective mobile measurement partners in India which focuses more on attributing app installs to specific marketing campaigns. It is in-built with several advanced features such as retargeting attribution and multi-touch attribution, thus ensuring optimal performance of user acquisition and retargeting campaigns. It also provides advanced reports like retention reports and cohort analysis. These reports can also be customised in terms of Organic Vs Non-organic data for user acquisition and retargeting campaigns. Furthermore, the reports can be broken down into Source, Geo, Partner, Activity, etc.


  • Easy to integrate 
  • This tool highly prioritises privacy and security, making it extremely safe to use.
  • Commendable support 
  • Provides view through attribution upto 7 days which is a blessing for marketers to measure brand campaign impact.
  • Better iOS visibility; provides a full view of performance with a SKAN solution that gives accurate, granular measurement while keeping you compliant and your customers’ data private
  • The industry-leading solution for measuring incremental growth


  • Dashboard customisation is limited

2. Adjust

Adjust is an extremely safe and reliable mobile app analytics tool. It is integrated with the most advanced fraud prevention system, which blocks malicious codes from entering the ecosystem of any ad campaign. This MMP provides detailed insights on important metrics such as organic installs, clicks on ads and in-app events. It has acquired Unbotify cyber security in 2019. Since the acquisition, Adjust is also well-equipped to eliminate ad fraud bots that enter the app as fake users or subscribers.    


  • Customisable audience segmentation
  • Excellent support 
  • Very user-friendly, most of the features are highly intuitive 


  • Reports can be more detailed and granular 
  • UI is a bit confusing and complicated 

3. Branch

Branch is an ideal mobile measurement platform for Indian brands that prioritise app insights related to the user experience. What sets this tool apart from its competitors is it offers influencers analytics. It also supports the integration of email provider services which helps you to send in-app messages to your users and track them efficiently. A report shows that brands that utilise Branch can more likely to expect 3.5 times more customer lifetime value and a phenomenal 200% increase in mobile app revenue earning.


  • Simple and intuitive UI 
  • Easy to use dashboard with no user limits 
  • Allows a lot of integrations 
  • Competitive cost


  • Doesn’t work well on Instagram 
  • There is scope for new, better features on the platform

4. Singular

Singular is a robust app analytics tool that offers more than a thousand integrations with all the leading ad networks. It offers various features like deep linking and fraud prevention. It helps you to identify the impact of any cost spent on any advertising channels such as SMS, mobile apps, websites and emails. The most impressive feature of this tool is that in order to provide a comprehensive performance analysis, it links touchpoint attributions to external data connectors. Thus, it gives you access to extensive performance data on every creative, media source. 


  • Enables quick report generation 
  • Offers utmost data integrity 
  • Offers creative reporting


  • Can't connect pre and post-install to all granularity levels.
  • Data accuracy can be better

5. Kochava

Kochava is a versatile, all-in-one audience mobile attribution platform that is also available for web, OTT and other media platforms. It is very user-friendly as it sends alerts when key KPIs and metrics change, thus ensuring that you are informed about even the minor, but essential changes in installs, conversion rate, revenue or other post-install in-app events. It can be a preferred choice for indie developers as it offers a free plan to companies that agree to give access to their data. It can be used by companies of any size and supports up to more than 5 thousand monthly users.


  • The dashboards are well-organised and comprehensive 
  • Excellent support 


  • Inefficient fraud detection

6. Tenjin

Tenjin is one of the most cost-effective mobile measurement partners. It offers several integrations for companies to measure attribution and ad revenue in an accurate and efficient manner. It allows you to track their attribution without any charge and offers advanced features and detailed insights for its premium users. It is considered to be very ideal for gaming companies. 


  • The support team is very responsive 
  • UI is extremely intuitive
  • Offers a comprehensive view of data with several breakdowns 


  • Integration of third-party tools can be quite a hassle 

Top Mobile Measurement Platforms At a Glance 

Features + Functionality Appsflyer Adjust Branch Singular Kochava Tenjin
View Through Attribution 7 Day View Through Attribution can be configured Custom attribution waterfalls and attribution windows can be created Only last click attribution is possible Only Last Click Attribution is feasible Offers Multi-touch Attribution 7 Day View Through Attribution is possible
Setup & Configuration Setup with any partner (including affiliates) is quick & bug free Offers seamless integration with hundreds of partners Very simple integration process Often Integration Issues are faced Simple and seamless integration Integration can be made more simple
Privacy Preserving Machine Learning It has a comprehensive platform to avoid data breaches in your machine learning projects. Offers data privacy through features like Server-to-server (S2S) Authorization, SDK Signature and Single Sign-on and Two-factor Authentication Ensures to keep data secure and private by following the GDPR and CCPA guidelines Not a very conservative platform to support privacy. Ensures utmost compliance with GDPR and CCPA guidelines Complies with GDPR, UKDPA and CCPA guidelines
The report interface and inability to real-time data which helps to analyse daily performance. Granular level cross-network measurement is possible Measures the full value of each marketing channel effectively Real time reporting is not very accurate and affects daily performance analysis. Offers Always-On Incremental Measurement, which is a real-time marketing mix modeling tool that provides companies with recommendations for optimal budget allocation. Measures Time to Breakeven (TTBE) on everything; it uses infinite x-day Total LTV and ROI to measure your exact time to breakeven with precision.
User Interface User-friendly UI with effective predictive analysis User interface is a little difficult to navigate, multiple clicks are required to get to one action. Simple and intuitive UI The UI is not too flexible and takes a while for CS respone. We also have issues related to the data load. Has commendable UI features. The dashboards are comprehensible and easy to understand Has an extremely intuitive UI.
Fraud protection Completely Automated with their P360 tool In-built with the most advanced fraud prevention system Has a sophisticated fraud protection system with flexible blocking rules and hands-on fraud mitigation support. Not completely automated. Offers protection against fraud tactics such as Click Injection, Install Hijacking, Click Flooding, SDK Spoofing, In-app Purchase Fraud, Fraud Bots and more Fraudulent activities are detected and blocked through Mean time to identify (MTTI) blocking
Reporting Tools Great at reporting, simply extraordinary for apps. -Does give you real-time reporting and tracking. -Easy to create analytics reports -Excellent at campaign analysis. Compare and analyse results across apps, metrics, and time periods in a single view for smarter, faster marketing decisions. Offers very robust reporting features with several filters and views The reporting tools could improve. Is kinda slow to use and allows very little customization. Offers different kinds types of reports such as Click, Event, Install, Network Summary, Cost and many more The dashboards consist of multiple data groupings, filters, graphs. Access to the dashboard is free.
Product Improvement Constant Product Improvement & World’s Largest MMP Reports can be more detailed and granular There is scope for new, better features on the platform Much Slower in Newer Features Eg. for iOS Fraud detection can be improved further Integrating it with third-party tools can be quite a hassle
Pricing Expensive A bit expensive for small businesses Afforadable and flexible Economical Expensive Economical

How to choose a Mobile Measurement Partner? 

1. Privacy and security

It is extremely crucial to opt for an MMP which is in-built with superior privacy and security features that guarantee utmost confidentiality as these tools have access to the customer data and insights. Ensure that these mobile attribution platforms are reliable and unbiased and do not disclose or share customer information with third parties. 

2. User-friendly interface 

You optimise many key marketing campaigns and might even take important business decisions based on the insights provided by these platforms. Thus, it is important that the insights are presented in a easy to understand and intuitive format and should be also be easily accessible. 

3. Data accuracy and advanced set of features

Marketers should ideally choose to integrate an MMP that provides accurate insights on the attributions and campaigns on a granular level. Studies show that lack of granularity and multi-touch attribution models have led to inefficient decision-making with respect to marketing campaigns and thus wastage of marketing budgets. 

Analysing the impact of each creative, user interaction, media source and attributing them to the goals and conversions manually can be an extremely challenging task. But now that you have learnt what is an MMP,  how it works and top 6 MMPs in the market currently, it is time to leave the brunt and taxing task of attribution and measurement to these mobile analytics tools, so you can focus on areas which truly benefits from your creativity and discretion. Need further help with choosing the right MMP for your brand or anything related to digital marketing? Reach out to us! Let’s collaborate and scale great heights together. 

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