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6 Latest Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

  • Aanchal Agrawal
  • |
  • 4 January , 2023
  • |
    • 9 min read

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Rise of Business Messaging/Chatbots | Marketing Automation- Ally to Brands | AI-Tailored Creative Personalisation | The Metaverse and Marketing | CEOs to Become the Face of Brands | Rise of CDPs

“Change” an inevitable part of life that ensures that we evolve and are ready to adapt to newer things is also applicable to the digital marketing world. With the gradual dip in the financial curve in 2022 and the imminent recession that has begun to take its toll on global markets, it is essential that every digital-first brand learns about the latest digital marketing trends and adapts to them as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the most recent trends in digital marketing that every brand looking for a virtual presence must account for.

The Rise of Business Messaging & Chatbots

Marketing chatbots are an AI-tailored technology that ensures spontaneous responses to customer queries and increases customer engagement. With this round-the-clock customer support tool, businesses can drive audiences from the awareness to the consideration funnel by educating them about the product and also build brand image by communicating and resolving consumer queries.

Here’s an example of how an AI-tailored chatbot would work:

Source: Social Beat

Having said that, the digital marketing trends in 2023 might demand that we take it up a notch. While great for resolving minor/easy consumer queries, we need to focus on adding a human touch to our responses (both audio and textual). This will not just help you in driving conversions, but will also help in improving your customer retention rate through personalised engagements.

Tip: Customer personas can contribute to personalising your responses by helping you understand which tonality is best consumed by your customers.

Having talked about marketing chatbots, and automated responses, another crucial digital marketing trend is the improved efficiency of marketing automation platforms.

Marketing Automation Will Become an Ally to Customer-First Brands

As popularly said by Sam Walton- “There is only one boss- The Customer.”

Customer experience has been a crucial digital marketing trend in every form of marketing and that aspect is not going to change anytime soon. However, with the precarious recession times that gradually plague the year 2022, CX will now be a cutthroat competition amongst brands.

While customer experience and personalisation have been in the talks for almost a decade now, only a handful of companies seem to have cracked this code. You might recollect making purchases on Amazon based on suggestions that popped up on your screen. And why won’t you? The offers that they targeted you with were personalized and exactly what you were looking for.

But at the same time, you often tend to ignore or spam-list offers sent by banks or insurance companies. 

This difference is majorly brought by the efficient use of customer data by relying on Martech platforms to automate lead nurturing and targeting the right set of audiences with relevant campaigns.

Did you know that nurtured leads can increase sales opportunities by over 20% compared to non-nurtured leads?

Source: Salesforce

If you have difficulty managing customer data or lack the manpower to do so, you can now easily rely on AI to do the grunt work. Marketing automation platforms like Salesforce can help you automate lead generation, cultivation and also tailor campaigns accordingly. 

Salesforce incorporates Einstein AI that can tailor product recommendations based on customer data interpretation and personalise services for individual customers. It can optimise your marketing performance by driving ROI and increasing spends with synergised AI-driven analytics. 

Moreover, Salesforce Genie, a customer real-time CRM can harmonise all customer data into individual customer graphs and empower industry departments by sharing relevant customer profiles to adapt to the customer’s activities in real time.

Here’s how we leveraged Salesforce to improve Mosiac’s audience engagement by 4.3%:

  • We built consumer journeys to personalise communications based on the audience’s preferences.
  • We reduced the overall manual work by 5% by automating the marketing operations.
  • Created single views for the customer base through Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This further helped us in building omnichannel marketing campaigns and bolstering customer engagement.
  • Increased overall farmer engagement by 4.3%

Hop on to this efficient digital marketing trend with us, we can help you automate your marketing ventures seamlessly!

Creative Personalisation Becomes Easier with Technology

While an engaging customer journey is a crux, ensuring that your campaigns hit the mark visually is equally important. Different audiences have varied preferences for consuming content and catering to these versatile preferences is a must for brands to execute successful campaigns.

For instance, we personalised campaigns for Boat by incorporating creatives that resonate with their versatile range of audience bases on Instagram, Facebook and Google.

These personalised campaigns catered to wide audience bases be it fitness enthusiasts, Gamers, Marvel lovers, etc. and helped us garner up to a 2X ROAS (Return on Ad Spends) amongst the gaming audience and up to a 42% increase in CTR (Click-Through Rates) amongst the sports enthusiasts.

Source: Social Beat

However, catering to such versatile audience bases and working on bulk creatives for tight campaign deadlines requires a great deal of manual work and this is where creative personalisation platforms can play a vital role.

Rocketium, a creative automation platform can help personalise campaign creatives by adapting to different publishing channels, editing bulk creatives and generating highly relevant campaigns. Not just that, you can also create visuals from scratch or auto-generate Copywriter content and ensure omnichannel integration.

Similarly, Dall-E an automated deep learning module can help in generating digital images by combining concept notes seamlessly. It incorporates “Prompts” where you can type in commands and the AI-tailored application will render images accordingly.


  • Reduces manual work drastically and saves time.
  • It is cost-effective and can reduce the requirement of a heavy design team.
  • Creatives produced incorporate prompts fed in manually. These are ideal for personalising campaigns through creatives that resonate with a brand’s language.
  • You can produce creatives in bulk and save a lot of time and energy that you can spend towards brainstorming and ideating even better campaigns.

With such automated creative platforms on the rise, creative personalisation of campaigns becomes a lot easier and hence this is another digital marketing trend that brands should definitely consider aligning with.

The Metaverse is Here- But it Will Take Time to Catch Up With Marketers!

Talking about new trends in digital marketing, here is the most anticipated one for the Gen Zs- The Metaverse marketing! But what is the metaverse digital marketing experience?

It is a simulated digital ecosystem structured by components like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Blockchain along with an in-depth integration with social media that virtually replicates the physical world. This opens up a whole new world for brands to launch products and even newer methods for marketers to promote these products.

According to Gartner, by the year 2026, about 25% of the population will spend at least an hour every day in the metaverse.

And truly so, major companies like Shopify, Nike, Coca-Cola and Samsung have already set foot into the metaverse with their marketing campaigns. 

While it opens up opportunities to enhance the digital customer experience by exponential values, Metaverse will still require time to catch up with marketers. Why?

  1. Accessibility:Accessing the Metaverse has a minimum requirement of a high-spec computer with really fast internet reception and a VR headset. While some enthusiasts wouldn’t mind investing in these accessories, a major chunk of the audience finds it difficult to purchase such pricey units.
  2. Sceptical Audiences: Many people are still sceptical about the Metaverse and do not visualise it as anything more than a high-stimulus video game. Despite highly intellectual tech professionals explaining the importance and significant growth of the Metaverse, the larger audience is still not persuaded. This in turn hinders the mass production of relevant gadgets to put the Metaverse in full throttle. 
  3. Data Privacy and Security Concerns:Currently, the Metaverse is open to all users and incorporates zero filters as to who can access it. Moreover, there is no regulating authority or guidelines to maintain order. Thus, brands would be apprehensive about promoting products within the Metaverse.According to Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President- Security, Compliance and Identity-Microsoft, the Metaverse will bring about an outburst in infrastructure, devices, apps and data; and with it, an even greater magnitude of attack-surface.
  4. Lack of Metrics Gauges:Traditional methods of gauging performance metrics won’t be applicable to the futuristic Metaverse and thus, there are no provisions to check a campaign’s performance.

However, note that these challenges do not suggest that the Metaverse is not a good digital marketing trend to delve into. Rather, it is just a bit too soon for it to catch up with marketers. Thus, it is crucial that brands hop on to this new digital marketing trend and use this time to learn how the Metaverse works. Brands can understand how the Metaverse improves the digital marketing experience by and executing test campaigns in it. This will give them an edge over their competitors when the Metaverse starts functioning seamlessly. 

There’s a New Face in Town- Founders and CEOs To Be The Face of Brands

While influencers and celebrity ambassadors with their herculean follower count have been the face of most brands for a long time now, we are approaching a gradual concentration of platforms. 

This opens up gates for founders and CEOs to propagate and represent their brands themselves, thereby giving businesses a personalised face value.

Digital marketing trends show an increase in the number of founders coming out and lending their personas to brands. Major C-suite leaders like Elon Musk, Jamshedji Tata, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs have come forward and represented their brands. Moreover, customer-centric actions like tweet responses to general customers, and the daily life of such CEOs can have a pivotal impact on how audiences perceive their brands.

For example, Elon Musk’s customer redressal and immediate support helped not just humanise the brand but also speak loads about its credibility. 

Source: BigSpeak

Similarly, news about Jamshedji Tata visiting his aged employee and looking after the wellness of his other employees speaks loads about his integrity and adds value to his brand.

Having said that, giving a human face to your brand might also seem precarious as a negative backlash over a hasty tweet or one misconduct by the founder can end up hurting the entire brand as in the case of Ashneer Grover, the Founder of BharatPe.

Thus, while it is advised to adapt to the new trends in digital marketing, be careful and analyse exactly what your brand requires before acting on those lines.

The Rise of CDPs- The Answer to A Cookieless World

While customer data is the key to personalising campaigns, it also poses another challenge for brands- the increase in data silos throughout the consumer journey and the efficient interpretation of this data.

For example, you might reach out to your customer in the form of an advertisement or a newsletter that the user accesses from a different device and a different IP address (either at work or at home) and then visits your website from a completely different device or network. This leads to multiple data entries for the same customer across platform-specific data silos. And this scattered data is what entangles brands and can result in breaches in the updated privacy norms. 

With increasing emphasis on the customer’s data privacy and multiple privacy norms in place, it is essential now more than ever that brands get aligned with Customer Data Platforms (CDP). Wondering why?

  1. Comply with privacy norms laid down in the GDPR:
    Customer Data Platforms are designed to find, collate and synergise all the data available on a user. This helps in complying with the GDPR norm of assembling, sharing, correcting and deleting personal data (on customer request).
  2. Flexible usage of data:
     CDPs are meticulously designed to be flexible and allow different platforms to access and use data silos as directed by their data controller. Thus, CDP marketing ensures the much-needed flexibility of data usage across platforms- a definite requirement for personalised brand campaigns.
  3. Easier consumer data deletion:
    A CDP’s ability to cumulate desperate and scattered data into individual customer profiles also offer another service that ensures privacy compliance- “Deletion of personal data”.When a customer finds a brand irrelevant and wants an out, Customer Data Platforms can help break down data silos and delete customer data while preserving the customer data analytics of the campaign.

Thus, with such herculean loads of duplicate customer data stacked up somewhere in between platform-level data silos, it is very likely that brands will unintentionally breach privacy norms. And with severe actions set in place against such breaches, it is paramount that brands invest in a well-integrated customer data platform to safeguard their marketing ventures. What’s more encouraging is the exponential reduction in efforts to scale up campaign results that these Customer Data Platforms have to offer!!

Let’s Sum It Up

While the world was still licking its wounds dealt by the COVID pandemic, we had another global event, the Russia-Ukraine incident. With major blows to the global economic framework, a recession was never out of the question. With such shifts in the global economy and in the wake of worldwide layoffs customer behaviour changes and so do digital marketing trends. Right from the rise of automated marketing chatbots, to the personalization of brands through marketing automation platforms, we have discussed in detail all the digital marketing updates that brands need to be equipped with to brace 2023.

While a customer-centric approach has been and will always be the crux of every successful marketing strategy, it is essential that we also keep an eye on futuristic happenings. While you currently cater to the millennials and Gen Zs, the little ones (Gen alpha) who will soon become the spending force in the near future must not be left out of your marketing strategies. Thus, brands must also prepare for the futuristic eutopia of the metaverse that will soon become a major marketing platform (probably not in 2023, but definitely in the very near future).

Having aligned with the digital marketing updates for 2023, you might also be interested in:

Scale your growth by 10x on Digital Marketplaces

  • Arshiya Ahamed
  • |
  • 11 October , 2021
  • |
    • 3 min read

Identifying the right digital marketplaces is fruitful for e-commerce brands. Essentially these online marketplaces are Apps & websites for 3rd party vendors for selling online in India.

From a consumer’s perspective, the online marketplaces enable them to compare a wide range of products. Thus, not only are they advantageous to consumers but also are favorable to sellers to showcase their products on these websites & apps.

Another advantage of marketplaces is that they eliminate the hassle of shipping & delivering and that they attract a huge consumer base. Therefore sellers can leverage this vast consumer base to drive sales easily.

In today’s digital ecosystem, with an increase in e-commerce platforms in India, there are various marketplaces for sellers to choose from. These digital marketplaces would aid in streamlining the selling process facilitating an increase in sales. Let’s look at some of the top online marketplaces in India these sellers can leverage:

Exploring the online marketplaces in India:

  1. Amazon India

Launched in June 2013, Amazon set up its Indian online marketplace known as This marketplace now caters to approximately 5 lakh sellers from around India, aimed at seamlessly facilitating the buying and selling of products from consumers & vendors.

Advantages of Selling on Amazon:

Here are a few reasons why sellers should consider selling on this platform:

  • Renowned Platform- Amazon is regarded as one of the most visited online shopping destinations for consumers 
  • Excellent Delivery Network- The ease in the platforms delivery network enables delivery to almost all pin codes in India 
  • Starter Kit- Amazon provides sellers with special offers on Imaging, cataloging & other services that help the sellers sell their products easily.

How to sell on Amazon?

With the following simple steps mentioned, one can sell their products efficiently on the Amazon:

  • Product Listing- The first step into selling online in India through Amazon is to list them accordingly on the platform. Sellers can now list their products within 15 mins and enjoy the host of selling benefits from Amazon.
  • Shipping- Amazon offers shipping services such as Easy Ship and FBA. These services ease the burden of shipping and delivery for a seamless selling experience. Moreover, sellers can also deliver the product themselves to unlock local shop benefits.
  • Funding- Once the sales start pouring, every 7 days the funds will automatically be deposited in your mentioned bank account.
  1. Flipkart

Being one of India’s largest platforms for online selling, Flipkart allows vendors, suppliers & sellers to sell their products with a minimum investment. Moreover, the platform offers exclusive seller workshops, training, and seller support.

Advantages of Selling on Flipkart:

  • Wide customer base- Sellers can now reach a wide consumer base of 1 billion to grow their business easily 
  • Product List- Sellers require only one unique product to start selling on the platform 
  • Cost-efficient- The platform offers the most competitive rate card that is highly cost-effective for sellers

What do sellers need to sell on Flipkart:

  • One unique product 
  • To begin selling GSTIN details are essential to be filled out
  •  While registering a copy of a canceled cheque the seller's bank account is required
  1. Paytm

Paytm serves as one of the leading mobile platforms that provide mobile-first, easy setup & chat options between consumers & sellers. This e-commerce platform offers a wide range of products for consumers to choose from.

Why sell on Paytm?

  • Vast delivery network- Sellers can now reach almost 39,000 pin codes in the country 
  • Huge customer base- Paytm now offers a consumer base of 10 Cr+
  • Product categories- Approximate 100K+ merchants sell their products successfully across 500+ categories 

How can you get started?

  • Log in/Sign up with your Paytm credentials 
  • Verify your details such as name, phone number, and email address
  • Submit your documentation such as bank account, GST details, etc 
  • Set up your catalog and start selling online
  1. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is one of the biggest digital marketplaces that delivers to more than 3000 towns & cities in India. Moreover not only do they sell more than 30 million products but also have a great consumer base, reaching up to 4 Cr happy consumers on their platform.

Why sell on Snapdeal?

No registration fee- Snapdeal has zero registration fee for sellers

Easy online selling in India- Sellers can sell their products 24x7 across 3000 cities in India 

Here are a few simple steps to start selling on Snapdeal:

  • Registration- Register your business and update your product catalog on the website.
  • Documentation- Verify your documents & product cataloging via a professional service provider.
  • Payments- On the completion of the orders, receive quick & easy payments into your bank accounts.


Thus, knowing and identifying the right online marketplaces in India for your brand is essential to scale your business. With the help of these digital marketplaces, you can now display your products on these websites that further paves the way to increase the growth of your business accordingly.


Top Digital Marketing Courses in India – 2022 Edition

  • Rohit Uttamchandani
  • |
  • 8 July , 2021
  • |
    • 9 min read

With the Indian internet population at over 650 million users (as of May 2022), the digital marketing industry is growing. With the industry showing an enormous projected growth potential and an expected paucity of trained professionals, many students, graduates and young professionals are looking to get on the digital marketing bandwagon. Owing to Covid 19 there are even more Indians spending time online. This has led to rise in digital marketing jobs and also choice in terms of digital marketing courses and training institutes in India.

To cater to the growing need for these courses, a number of training companies, institutes and universities have started various Digital marketing courses and social media marketing courses. There are tons of books written on Digital Marketing and YouTube Channels covering digital marketing. Based on our experience in digital over the last 15 years here is a guide on some of the best institutes that you could choose from. Since this is an extensive article we've split it into sections to make it easier for you to navigate and read through.

Our top three picks would be Upgrad Campus, Growth School & UpGrad:

  1. Criteria for evaluating digital marketing courses
  2. Online Digital Marketing Courses in India
  3. Online Vs Classroom courses 
  4. Classroom and Offline Courses 
  5. Executive Programs on Digital Marketing
  6. Global Online Digital Marketing Courses

Short Video Guide on how to select the right digital marketing course in India:

Criteria you should use for evaluating digital marketing courses and institutes

Before opting for a digital marketing course online or offline, here are some pointers to evaluate the desired institute or course structure.

  • Certification: Certification is no substitute for skills learned and hands-on industry experience but, nevertheless, can add to the CV of a fresher making an entry into the field or for a professional looking to make a career switch. Opt for certification courses recognized by various educational bodies and corporates.
  • Course Curriculum & Faculty Expertise: Gauge the Institute or the course offered based on the curriculum, faculty expertise, training modules and relevance to the current industry trends & practices. A program being run by a digital marketing agency themselves is very impactful.
  • Reviews and recommendations: Check for reviews and recommendations from industry experts & former students through Google, online education portals or discussion forums. Reach out to alumni on LinkedIn for their direct feedback, where feasible.
  • Placements: Explore the institute's placement opportunities or institutional tie-ups for live projects & hands-on experience on acquired digital marketing skills.

Here are some of the popular websites/companies/institutes offering Digital Marketing courses which will save you a considerable amount of time in research if you're looking for one for yourself.

Online & Hybrid Digital Marketing Courses in India

Upgrad Campus*

Upgrad Campus from the house of Upgrad has a series of programs designed for students and recent graduates. Their Certification Program in Digital Marketing is priced at just INR 22,500 with an option to pay via EMI. They have an extensive module and the program has a combination of Live Sessions, recorded sesionss and mentor support. The unique aspect of Upgrad Campus is that it has 300+ hiring partners and offers placement assistance which gets learners, 3 assured interviews by top companies.

*Social Beat is a hiring partner at Upgrad Campus


The Marketing Launchpad by Kraftshala is an intensive program designed for begineers and the best part is that you only pay when you land a job with a minimum CTC of ₹4.5 lakhs. Its an indepth 20 week, online, full-time digital marketing course with specialisations in Digital Media and Content & Social Media that includes an 8-week internship. So its an all rounded program where they select, train, and invest in high potential graduates to help them kickstart their digital marketing careers. The program is designed by industry practioners and they also have smaller group sessions to give feedback so that learners can build on their individual strengths.

*Social Beat is a hiring partner at Kraftshala

Growth School

One of the few cohort based programs for top talent in India, Growth School has best in class educators and trainers from the industry to help learngers start, transition, or level-up their career. They have a 8 week program and a 10 week program from experts in the Industry. They offer live sessions combined with recorded sessions. They call these as "Mentorship programs" and they offer deep dives into the most in-demand skills over a longer period. They go beyond the classroom with peer engagement and projects to boost outcomes. They also have a lot of Live Q&A sessions combined with a strong community to allow for ongoing learning.

Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is a leading Digital Marketing training company and one of the first to launch Social Media Marketing course series in India. Since 2009, they claim to have had participation from over 20,000 professionals and students, from over 10,000 organizations and institutions. Digital Vidya also offers Digital Marketing (CDMM), Mobile Marketing (CMMM) and Social Media Certification programs (CSMMP) in association with V-Skills, a Govt. of India initiative. Their programs are priced at INR 50,000.


Simplilearn is one of the leading platforms for online training and professional certification programs. They have around 30 courses in digital marketing that provide hands-on experience in various Digital marketing domains. Priced at INR 60,000 they are accredited by OMCP, these courses are aimed at helping working professionals & aspirants stay ahead of the digital curve with relevant skills.


NIIT offers a post graduate degree in digital marketing and branding, seems to be designed for freshers. It guarantees 3 interviews and is priced at INR 70,000. The duration of these courses is 6 months. They used to offer this program offline but now moved it to digital - possibly owing to Covid 19.

Affordable Courses

There are many affordable recorded courses from platforms like Udemy, which covers the basics of digital marketing. Even Coursera has some excellent programs. If you are a student then MyCaptain has some useful programs starting at INR 5,999.

How to choose between Online and Classroom courses for digital marketing

Online Courses are generally more convenient for most people, especially working professionals as they can be attended from the comfort of one's home/office Also, with technology having improved, online instructor-led virtual classrooms are as good as actual classrooms, with webinar software allowing for both peers to peer interaction as well as student-teacher interaction. Webinar recordings are also available for those who miss out on sessions. Classroom programs would only work best for you if you are the personality type that prefers learning in a classroom environment or if you're not too comfortable with learning in a live webinar format.

Classroom & Offline Courses for digital marketing

Here is a list of institutes which conduct classroom courses but owing to Covid 19, many of them may not be fully operational yet.

ADMC - Academy for Digital Marketing Courses

They have multiple programs. Their most intensive one is ADMC Expert which is a 1 year full time program to understand the insights from traditional marketing and transform them to adapt to the digital marketing arenas. They also have ADMC Advanced which is a weekend program over 7 months. The program also includes the globally-recognised DMI certification which makes the learners industry ready. They have centres across Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat and Ahmednagar.


EduPristine is one of India's leading training providers for international certifications in Finance, Accounting and Analytics. They also conduct digital marketing classroom courses in 11 Indian cities. The course covers 60 hours of digital marketing classroom training over 12 Sundays. They also have a 48-hour online course spread over 6 weekends. On completion of the course, the participants are awarded a Certificate of Excellence in collaboration with the "Microsoft IT Academy Program".


The Delhi School of Internet Marketing (now acquired by DigitalVidya) conducts an all in one advanced digital marketing live classroom course for working professionals, business owners and job-seekers, at their training centres in Delhi and Bangalore. They conduct an online instructor-led course as well on weekends. However, they do not seem to offer any digital marketing certification for participants who complete the course.

Digital Nest

Digital Nest conducts an Advanced Digital Marketing Training Course in Hyderabad. The course includes 48 hours of classroom training with weekday/weekend classes. They also conduct workshops/seminars and webinars for corporate bodies and educational institutions.


Located in Mumbai, the Indian Institute of Digital Education offers two courses on digital marketing and full stack programming. The digital marketing programme is designed to give freshers a robust introduction to the world of digital marketing and help professionals intensify their existing knowledge of all things digital. The programme is divided into a 6-month with classes conducted thrice a week, and independent certification courses conducted for three hours over one week.

Executive Programs & Management Development Programmes on Digital Marketing in India

Most of the courses listed above are best suited for students and working professionals. If you are someone in a fairly senior role who has more than 5 to 10 years of work experience under his/her belt, then it might be worthwhile considering doing an executive digital marketing course.


Upgrad offers course across many streams. One of the streams is marketing where MICA has partnered with Upgrad for the PG certification in Digital Marketing and Communication and covers social media marketing, content marketing, branding and marketing analytics. Its a pretty long program at 6.5 months. Starting from INR 1,05 lakhs and going up to 1.52 lakhs it is one of the most expensive online course available. Some of the interesting aspects of this course are certifications from MICA case studies, projects and one on one mentoring with industry experts.


TalentEdge provides a Specialised Executive Programme in Digital Marketing from MICA, Ahmedabad, ideal for early beginners and working professionals. Priced at INR 80,000 for a 4.5 month program, they claim to have reached over 8,00,000 registered learners who have benefitted from the live lectures, case studies and content structure designed by MICA faculty & industry experts. Apart from this, TalentEdge also offers an Executive Development Program in digital marketing from XLRI at INR 90,000 for a 6 month program. The executive development program is a course for marketing managers who wish to understand the nuances of digital marketing techniques and tools to execute a campaign. Talentedge offers over 250 courses across different areas and while they dont specialize only in marketing programs, they do have good university tie ups.

Great Learning

Great Learning, from the house of Great Lakes Institute of Management has a PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing. It is a 6 month module with a 4 week capstone project, with mentoring from faculty of Great Lakes. The course is a blended model with recorded content as well as live mentoring. The pricing is 1.25 lakhs + GST with an option to pay in installments or via EMI.

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

In partnership with Emeritus, ISB Hyderabad has a 12 week online program on Digital Marketing & Analytics priced at INR 1 lakh+GST with 4-6 hours per week required. Any graduate can apply for this program. ISB also have a 3-day executive program on campus in Hyderabad titled "Marketing in the Digital Age" priced at Rs.1,30,000 + GST. It is specifically targeted for professionals and leaders in the marketing and strategy domain. The program aims to give an overview of digital and social media marketing and how to get ROI from the medium. They also have programs around nicher areas like Marketing Analytics.

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

IIM Bangalore has a programme called "Digital Marketing for Business Growth" which they conduct mutiple times in their academic year. The programme aims to give an overview of digital marketing with a focus on the different social media marketing channels, search engine marketing (both search advertising & search engine optimization) and digital analytics. So it aims to give an overview of each of the key elements that can enable brands to get better engagement, leads and conversions. It also touches upon analytics and what metrics can be used to measure the performance of the digital campaigns.

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

IIM Lucknow has a 10 month online program priced at INR 1.77 lakhs and does require 1 year experience to apply for the program. They do have experiential learning experience through Live online and On Campus Immersions. You get to learn with renowned IIM Lucknow Faculty, and Emeritus industry practitioners

Global Online Digital Marketing Courses

Jellyfish Training

Jellyfish is a global leader in training around programmatic advertising platform - Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and its components, Campaign Manager, Display and Video 360 (DV360), Search Ads 360, Google Analytics 360 and Optimize 360. Its a pretty advanced program and the subscription is INR 42,000 per month and its meant for users who already have access to the GMP platform. Here is an article on the basics of programmatic advertising and DV360 case studies to help you get started.

HootSuite Social Media Certification

Hootsuite, one of the most popular tools for social media scheduling and monitoring has Hootsuite Academy, which offers a social media program at USD 199, which is worth exploring.

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy offers a free Inbound Marketing Course & Certification marketers, entrepreneurs and students. They also conduct classroom training but only in the United States.


If you are a self-learner keen on understanding the digital marketing space, there are various youtube channels, digital marketing blogs, articles, books and real-time case studies available online. All said Digital marketing is a field where just taking courses or following the industry trends alone will not make one an expert. Maximum learning can only be gleaned from actual hands-on, on-the-job experience. Hence, the success of these courses will eventually depend on the quality of digital professionals they send into the industry and how well they execute the acquired knowledge & digital skill sets. If you are looking out for digital marketing careers in India, check Social Beat out.

Have you taken up any of these courses? Please share your experiences with us in the comments!

Top 7 MBA schools in India for Digital Marketing

  • Vignesh Krishna
  • |
  • 6 June , 2021
  • |
    • 5 min read

Today, almost everything is online. Brands are increasingly looking at digital marketing professionals to help them make the transformation from offline to online. Here’s where a need for an MBA in digital marketing steps in. Digitization is increasingly influencing the way businesses function across sectors and has changed the way advertising works.  This changing digital landscape has created a need for a new niche that is an MBA in digital marketing management.

The Importance of Digital Marketing:

According to the Digital First Journey report by KPMG, in India, growing internet penetration and data usage are likely to help push the digital advertising spending at a compounded rate of 30.8 percent between 2016 and 2021. Digital marketing comprises many forms of marketing, and since it’s a vast field, there is substantial demand for online marketers in companies across India and the rest of the world. Digital marketing is a way to market products and services using digital technologies, not only on the web but also on mobile and other electronic devices. Digital marketing management covers various marketing techniques such campaign marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing among others. Communicating on social media helps companies receive all kinds of feedback from users who in return help the company provides an enriched digital experience.

The Scope:

Sound expertise in digital marketing management and strategies provide you with all the skills necessary to become a successful digital marketing professional. It also helps you build a digital marketing company of your own. You can also become an independent Digital Advertising consultant and businesses build their digital presence after you learn all the necessary digital marketing skills. You could work in executing Digital Marketing Strategies, in social media marketing, SEO and content marketing, market research, digital advertising, business development and sales, N2N marketing and many other departments.

A report by StatCounter Global Stats stated India is leading mobile Internet usage with 79 percent with the US coming second at 37 percent and the UK at a close 34 percent. Several  organizations and businesses across sectors now offer digital marketing jobs, as more businesses aim to expand their digital marketing teams. Advertising agencies are the leading providers of digital marketing jobs in India. Independent digital marketing agencies, PR companies, social media agencies well as market research agencies provide digital marketing jobs too.

Online solutions:

This course has the potential to be on various platforms such as Google Search, Google Display, Facebook, YouTube, etc to ensure you are well versed in all advertising elements equipped with all the latest know-how. Digigrad’s online Advertising masters program is updated with all of the above. Many educational institutions, startups, and agencies now provide courses with a certification in digital marketing. One of the best institutes which offer such a program for aspiring digital marketing professionals is Digigrad. Apart from that, some post-graduation courses like MBA have started including digital marketing in their syllabus. A lot of these institutes also integrate Digital marketing at an advanced level. A perfect solution for this would be taking up a course that would bridge that gap and provide you with the tools you need before your MBA. A perfect example of such a course is the Digital Ads master course by Digigrad.

About the course:

Candidates who are looking to apply for a regular MBA in digital marketing need to finish their undergraduate course of at least 3 years. You may also be required to qualify in any national MBA entrance examinations such as CAT/MAT/XAT/GMAT.. The average annual fees for the course ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 7 lakhs. The course follows a regular 2 year structure with 4 semesters covering all the different subjects involved in digital marketing.

The subjects mainly comprise of subjects including and Introduction to Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Content Marketing strategies, Digital Advertising, Analytics , Communication essentials , Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Distribution Management, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, performance marketing,  Online Reputation Management etc.

Here are the Top 5 schools for MBA in Digital Marketing Management:

1.JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur.

The university was established in the year 2011. They offer an MBA in digital marketing and web analytics with actual live projects. You will also receive personality development training as part of a multidisciplinary curriculum. Partnership with various world-class institutes provides various research opportunities and excellent training for implementing real-life situations.


2.Centurion University of Technology, Bhubaneswar

Centurion University in Bhubaneswar offers a 2 years MBA program  specialising in digital marketing management and e-commerce. It is a private university which is ‘A’ grade accredited from the NAAC. You can apply online on their website. You can also apply offline at the university. The university is a member of the AIU and offers several merit scholarships.


3. RVS Institute of Management, Sulur, Tamil Nadu

In the year 2014, RVS started offering digital marketing under the MBA program. Although it is not a very well known college, trainedge has collaborated with the college to improve the course content delivery and make it more holistic. Real-time projects make it a very practically-oriented course. Most of the faculty who teach at this university are from IIMs or ISB; thereby giving aspiring digital marketing professionals access to some of the best minds in the industry.


4.Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

Xavier institute is a renowned institution in Mumbai. It provides a range of innovative programs for students to expand their knowledge and gain expertise. Xavier offers a separate master of management studies course in digital marketing, which can be considered equivalent to an MBA. If you want to do an MBA in digital marketing in Mumbai, Xavier’s is a great option.


5.RIMT University, Punjab

The Regional Institute of Management and Technology, in Punjab, provides MBA in digital marketing and social media marketing. It is a private institution that offers courses in engineering, management, and marketing studies.


6. MICA, Ahmedabad

Also known as the ‘Mecca of Marketing’, MICA is a top choice to get a degree in Marketing and communications. MICA offers a  6.5 Month intensive online program that is designed to train students in key areas of Digital Marketing & Communication to help them deal with real-world marketing challenges. The program is taught by some of MICA’s top Faculty in Marketing Strategy, Digital and Communications. Through core concepts, industry projects, tools and case studies, MICA’s digital marketing communication course will equip you with top skills needed to succeed in the field.


7. Symbiosis, Pune

Symbiosis College for Distance Learning, Pune offers a 4-month long Certification Course as well as a 2 year PGDBA Program with a specialization in Digital Marketing. Symbiosis is AICTE Approved.  A PGCM [DM] from Symbiosis will help students gain a solid understanding of the digital marketing landscape & equip students with tools and techniques required to become a successful digital marketer.


Digigrad: DigiGrad is an initiative of Social Beat, India’s fastest-growing independent digital marketing solutions company. You can collaborate, learn, and grow with some of the top minds in digital marketing. Social Beat is an award-winning Google Premier Partner Agency and a recommended agency by Facebook. They offer a Digital Advertising Master course which is ideal for anyone seeking to pursue a career in digital marketing or to broaden their expertise in this versatile subject. You can learn Digital Advertising from top experts and leading innovators in the digital marketing industry across India with Digigrad’s certification program. Under the Digital Advertising Master Course, Digigrad offers comprehensive digital marketing modules, which extensively cover advertising across platforms such as Google Search, Google Display, Facebook, YouTube, etc to ensure that you become a highly skilled digital marketing professional.

Scaling E-commerce Brands by leveraging on Topical content

  • Arshiya Ahamed
  • |
  • 2 June , 2021
  • |
    • 5 min read

Popular events play a vast role in capturing the consumer's mindshare. Brands need to understand how they can leverage the topical season to drive maximum growth.

Why Must Brands Leverage Topical content?

  1. Build the Top of the Funnel: With video and image ads, engaging campaigns for these events can help build massive Top of the Funnel audiences. These audiences are most inclined to conversions when remarketed to, hence reducing the CAC. 
  2. Build Brand Resonance: With massive viewership and following, topical events allow for subtle brand placements to build brand resonance among the masses. With the effective use of Social Media features like Polls, Quizzes, and AR Filters, brands can build a strong resonance of their brand message. 
  3. Low & Affordable Cost of Advertising: Low & affordable cost of advertising allows even SMEs & MSME’s to take part via advertising in such a mega event.

Now that we know why it is important to leverage the season, let’s look at some of the topical events brands can leverage this year

Key Events & Topicals in 2021

  • The Olympics 2021: Holding a massive Indian viewership of 5.6 million (Source: Brand Equity, 2020), the Olympics is a great event for brands to leverage on. Brands can use key highlights of the games, the opening & closing ceremonies, and even star athletes of the tournaments. 
  • T20 World Cup- India is a nation where cricket is nothing less than a religion. Scheduled to begin in October 2021, brands can inculcate content of top players like Virat, Dhoni, Rashid, etc, team-specific conversations, and constant highlights about your offers during matches.
  • UEFA EURO 2020: Scheduled between 11 June and 11 July 2021, brands can focus on relevant engagement-focused activities such as quizzes, polls, and contests relating to the matches, winning moments and even base their communication on team players.
  • Other Events: Brands can also look at non-sporting events that have huge traction in India. For instance, last year 18% of the Indian consumers were occupied by the reality TV show Big Boss and 9% of them enjoyed the Femina Miss India event. 

(Source: Facebook & InMobi, 2020). Focusing on these events can enable brands to push their audiences into the marketing funnel that eventually leads to conversions.

  • The Festive season: Moreover brands can leverage the upcoming 4 month-festive season that ranges from Diwali to Christmas. These festivals hold a positive sentiment for businesses as the consumer buying process has facilitated a new way of online shopping, aiding online shopping sites. A few shopping categories that usually dominate this season include apparel, home appliances, gadgets, home furnishing, and gift packs.

Let’s explore some of the key platforms & ad formats businesses can leverage to sell online and drive sales.

Leveraging Disney+ Hotstar 

In 2020, Disney+Hotstar was able to scale 86.8M total paid subscribers with 30% of them belonging to India (Brand Equity, 2020).

  • Brands can now focus on creating short videos in the form of Pre-roll & mid-roll ads, streaming before and during the topical content to drive awareness of their products. Marketers can then leverage the intent of these audiences and remarket to them to drive sales.
  • Remarketing to these audiences during the consideration stage serves fruitfully to the brands as audiences that have watched the videos would already show an inclination towards the brand. 

Leveraging Facebook:

  • Your brand content can revolve around the top players and teams that can drive Engagement through this to build an audience and re-target this engaged audience to boost sales
  • Make use of different short and catchy creative formats on facebook to push your fast-moving products like short videos, gifs, thumb stoppers, instant experiences, etc, that are attention gripping. Create different audience clusters and remarket them accordingly.

Leveraging Instagram:

  • On Instagram, video scripts for influencers can promote sales with the use of unique coupon codes or exclusive offers during the topical season along with brand integration. This would increase brand credibility & value hence push your audience into the consideration level of the funnel.
  • Engagements lead to brand awareness and eventually to conversions hence make sure you keep content as engaging as possible using various formats like contests, Q&As, quizzes, and polls with the topical theme, leverage cashback offers to make it more enticing for your audience to participate and win exciting prizes. Eg: have a poll with 2 products “this or that” with a swipe-up link to the offers or Announce winners/offers with Tap to reveal stickers.

Leveraging YouTube

  • Behind the scenes content, highlights, key moment videos of the events are popular videos with extremely high viewer retention rates. Leveraging these on YouTube could help the brand gain visibility.
  • TrueView in-stream ads are one of the known heroes in the video format field. The diversity in the lengths of the ads (i.e Communication Strategy offering 10s, 20s, and 40s Ad messaging) maintained engagement, avoided creative fatigue, and ensured higher CTRs.

Leveraging Twitter

  • Twitter is most crucial to leverage moment marketing content. These Twitter moments can include news, entertainment, or even fun topics. For example, brands leveraging on the 2020 Superbowl performance
  • Creating twitter campaigns with a blend of statics, gifs, and relevant hashtags can be fruitful to brands to increase brand awareness and eventually drive sales.
  • Brands can also focus on the ‘website clicks’ or ‘conversions’ objective that Twitter has to offer to boost sales. 

Getting creative with the formats

-Playable ads: It offers an interactive preview of the app with playable ads thereby creating an immersive experience and engaging the audience. 

-3D Swirl: 3D Swirl is an immersive ad format and it runs across Google Ad Manager. Swirl Ads allow the user to have an immersive experience as the users can rotate, zoom in and expand the creativity in the ad. 

-Flipbook: Flipbook ad is an outstream video format for the mobile web. It provides an interactive experience to the audience. The video played in a flipbook ad pauses & plays as per the viewer's scrolling movement. 

- Branded content ads: Branded content ads are ads where the creators on Instagram can allow the business partners to promote their post or story and turn their content into an ad. The ads can be run through Ads Manager. 

Case Study- boAt

Creating an integrated digital marketing strategy for boAt during the topical event -IPL:

Key objective- To drive an increase in brand and ad recall.

Our Strategy 

Via Video Sequencing on YouTube, our team was able to retarget the audiences that engaged with the video in the first sequence to view the next and so on. We leveraged catchy GIFs on Google Display Network to run ads for maximum clicks that directed to the amazon product page to drive sales. With the help of leveraging YouTube Trueview for Reach, we aimed to reach maximum people over time. 

Key Results

Through our strategy & execution, we were able to achieve 44.4 Million+ Impressions, a 15.5% increase in product lift, a 59% decrease in cost per click, 3.9 Lakh+ clicks, and a 158.7% increase in brand interest. 


In the E-commerce industry, brands have immense potential at gaining visibility through topical posts. They must utilize the same for awareness, reach, recall & conversions. Leveraging relevant platforms with creative ad formats in their strategies would help the brands get a 360° understanding of their campaigns to gauge the impact on driving growth & sales.


Understanding Facebook Ads for E-commerce

  • Arshiya Ahamed
  • |
  • 7 May , 2021
  • |
    • 3 min read

Facebook Ads for e-commerce is a great way to not only generate traffic to your website but also increase sales for your brand. Running a blend of Dynamic Product Ads as well as conversion Ads for your e-commerce business can help increase your ROI on several online marketplaces.

Facebook enables the retargeting of users who may have visited your page but not purchased anything during their sales funnel journey. Thus, this retargeting of the audiences paves a way to further increase e-commerce sales & ROI on the platform.

Choosing the right objective for your Ecommerce Ads is crucial for your business. Let us look at a few objectives one can choose for running these facebook Ads for ecommerce.

  1. Catalog Sales

This objective is the best way to retarget consumers who did not convert. The Catalog Sales objective allows you to advertise your product sets or catalogs on Facebook. Moreover, it enables you to pick either a particular product category of products or choose all the products listed on your website. You can further decide to showcase the name, price, discount amount, short description, etc by choosing dynamic product sets. 

  1. Conversion

Apart from having dynamic product ads, with the Conversion objective, one can decide to display a few of your business’s best sellers in your E-commerce Ads. Similar to other conversion advertisements, now you can pick to include plain product images as carousels, single images, etc.

Now that we know what objectives we can explore, let us identify the types of target audiences in advertising.

Types of audiences

Some of the types of target audiences in advertising are people who have:

  • Viewed or added to cart but not purchased
  • Added to cart but not purchased
  • Broad audience targeting (demographics, interests)

Types of Custom Audiences

Website: These audiences are primarily all website visitors. They can be retargeted with Facebook ads for e-commerce based on the time spent (5%, 10%, 25%) on your website on either specific product categories or particular pages.

Customer List: With these audiences, you can upload details such as your customer name, email ID, location, order value, etc to define a value-based audience. These audiences are a great way to reach potential customers who resemble current high-value customers.

App Activity: Considering your business possesses an app that is linked to your account, you can now retarget your app users on their app behavior, this can include- the number of purchases made, the number of times users have opened the app, etc.

Offline Activity: If your business has offline retail stores, one can track the offline data along with the online data to assess the number of people who have transacted with your offline business after viewing the online ads.

Facebook Sources: This is a great way to retarget your e-commerce ads via using various social media sources. These audiences would be high intent customers who have previously interacted with your brand.

Having known the audience sets we can cater to via our paid Ads let us explore what kinds of creatives we can look at to best showcase our products on the platforms.

Types of creatives:

Single Image Ads: These ads work best for products that have clear pricing and CTA. This is because the audience grasps what the brand has to offer at their first glance

Video Format Ads: Video Ads are focused on telling your product’s/ brand’s story. These ads can further be customized on the platform they are being showcased on. For example, Instagram Story Ads are highly impactful as they are a great way to grab the viewer's attention. 

Multiple Products: Through multiple Product ads you can now display a wide range of products using catalogs, product sets, and dynamic ads.

Carousel Ads: These ads are focused on a series of images which can be either of the same product or different ones

Catalog ads: A catalog entails the brand’s inventory inclusive of images of the products, sizes, and more picked from the website.

Collection Ads: Generally these formats are a blend of both videos and images. Moreover, they are immersive e-commerce ad formats that make it simple for users to interact with the advertisement.

One can follow the following best case practices for Product ads:

Best Practices 

  • Creative adaptations: Resizing the creatives for feed as well as story format is recommended to have a better impact on sales.
  • Product-Centric- Products must always be in the focus along with displaying the CTA and price.
  • Minimalism- Simple and neat templates are the best way forward to grab the attention of the audience


Now that we know the basic objectives, audiences, types, and best practices for running Facebook Ads, you can now use them to grow your E-commerce brand accordingly.  Choosing the right objectives to cater to your audience, coupled with the best practices of running these ads can serve to be extremely beneficial to increase e-commerce sales, ROI and drive growth for your business.

Content promotion strategies that are guaranteed to drive traffic

  • Rohit Uttamchandani
  • |
  • 25 January , 2021
  • |
    • 4 min read

Why content promotion is essential

Good content promotion techniques can go a long way in effectively building brand recall and trust with a brand’s target audience. This calls for a calculated SEO content strategy.  SEO is a key ingredient in every business’ digital marketing strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic has made all understand the potential of digital marketing. However, this also means that there is more competition in the digital marketing space. In such a scenario, it is critical to ensure that content cuts through the clutter and reaches the audience it has been created for. To stand apart in the crowd, brands to practise content promotion to reach, inform, engage and educate their audience.

Content promotion strategies

Merely ideating, creating and publishing content does not work anymore and content promotion requires as much, if not more, effort as content creation. A word of caution here though – content amplification works best for content that has been ideated and created keeping in mind the interests and needs of the target audience. So, here is how you can use an SEO content strategy for content promotion.

Respond to questions on Quora

A great promotion technique is to ask and answer questions of any subject matter. Quora is recognised as the most comprehensive and trusted online forum. Since forums provide an open-source for your Target Audience to discuss a topic, you can add value by responding to their queries using your existing write-up, if relevant. You can also link back to your blog or website, which effectively renders your work as a credible source.

Tweet various snippets from your content

Have interesting stats or facts that are share-worthy as individual pieces of content? Sharing those snippets on Twitter is an effective content promotion idea as it can lure people in to read more. The microblogging giant is one of the most active social media platforms today, so anything interesting that fits within 280 characters is bound to be retweeted. You can even take screenshots of other elements like pictures, infographics and quotes and use a shortened URL of your website for promotion.

Vernacular marketing

9 out of 10 internet users’ first language is not English. A great content promotion technique would be to create vernacular content and promote it vernacularly as well. This is a very effective tool to reach the audience of tier 2 and tier 3 cities. It increases brand awareness and builds on the trust factor as the audience can relate to the content more. Vernacular SEO content strategy removes the idea that your brand is “foreign” and strikes an emotional chord. 

Link to relevant sites/Mention entities when sharing

One of the main aspects of content promotion is linking to sources while writing your article. When you publish your content and promote it on social media, use Twitter mentions or Facebook hashtags to prompt those sources that you’ve used their information. Doing so will increase the chance of your article being viewed by multiple individuals through the mentions.

Post on relevant LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is nothing but the Facebook variant for all things professional. A helpful SEO content strategy would be to use LinkedIn for promotional purposes.  Much like Facebook communities, LinkedIn has an option where you can create groups. Find such groups that could make the most out of your content and share it on their pages. If your content is beneficial, many of the users would share and circulate it among their peers increasing your reach.

Turn content into a ppt/pdf and upload to SlideShare

SlideShare is the perfect place to content promote presentations to get the visibility you need. Once you upload your content on Slideshare, you can also share the link on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube as well. 

Leverage the reach of Influencers

Reaching out to influencers at scale is a good content promotion idea. Getting your content featured by some key influencers or getting them to share your content can amplify your reach drastically. Pick influencers that are relevant to your domain and engage with them. Contact more than one influencer and engage with them regularly for better reach.

Video content marketing

60% of the people who use the internet are visual learners. A fruitful content promotion technique is to make use of YouTube. More than 50% of women make a purchasing decision after watching a video. This is a wonderful opportunity to create a personal touch for your brand by engaging with your audience on YouTube while helping visual learners retain information better. YouTube is an SEO gold mine, so make use of hashtags, titles and descriptions to increase your reach. As for audio learners, one can use podcasts as a content promotion tool.

Using Pinterest to drive referral traffic

Pinterest is a wonderful forum for content promotion. You can create boards where people can pin your content, save it and learn about your brand’s story as well. It is an effective SEO content strategy because it directs people to your website as well. Pinterest communities can help with your engagement and helps your brand understand what your audience wants. 

The content promotion strategies mentioned above are used to their fullest potential by some of the best content marketers on the planet like HubSpot, Whole Foods, Asian Paints etc. Of course, some of these strategies may die out while others will evolve, so to stay ahead of the curve, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled and ears tuned.

If there are any content distribution channels which you have tried that could be added to the list, do let us know in the comments below.

Digital Marketing Events in India you don’t wanna miss, in 2021

  • Nandita Raman
  • |
  • 15 December , 2020
  • |
    • 6 min read

Are you looking out for some really interesting, inspirational and power-packed events? Thanks to Covid 19, all of it has now moved online. Check out digital marketing webinars being done by Social Beat and DigiGrad.

Once larger physical events are allowed, you could possibly attend some of the biggest marketing and digital marketing events in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other parts of India; that not just inspire but also give you an opportunity to network with the best marketers in the country. It’s an opportunity to listen to the finest in the advertising and marketing field – a forum that stimulates conversations and ideas around design, marketing, digital and more. You may also find it useful to read our book on digital marketing and view the Digital Bytes knowledge series on the Social Beat YouTube Channel or take up our digital marketing course at DigiGrad.

Here’s a quick glance into our compilation of top marketing events taking place across the country in 2021.

IAMAI India Digital Summit 2021

IAMAI is back with its signature event, IDS (India Digital Summit) on 19-20 Jan 2021. This year the central theme is ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ . The staggering increase in the total number of internet users in rural India recently presents us with the unique opportunity to establish India as a global powerhouse of Digital Growth. With over 150+ speakers its going to be a much anticipated event and award.

Abbys & Effies by Ad Club of Mumbai

Often termed as Oscars of Indian ad awards, Abbys by Ad Club of Mumbai honours creative excellence in advertising. With a grand conclave and awards in Goa, its an event all agencies and marketers look forward to. It also organises Effies, which honours all form of effective marketing communications across India. The 2020 edition was cancelled due to Covid19 but we all hope to be back in Goa to celebrate creative excellence, soon enough.

IDMA – Indian Digital Media Awards

Exchange4media organizes the Indian Digital Media Awards since 2010. It has always encouraged contributors in the 360-degree digital media space to keep getting better with the transformations taking place in the industry year on year. For this, it recognizes their talents, appreciates and celebrates them through these awards. It has showcased the work of many contemporary digital professionals and rewarded them for their beautifully executed digital blogs and viral campaigns. This event in itself is a huge networking opportunity for every business professional to connect and grow. Its 4th edition was held on the 4 and 5th of June, 2020. The 2021 dates are yet to be announced.

Marketing Conclave by IAMAI

This is a grand event in Mumbai organized by the IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India).  The event in its 16th edition, is an endeavour towards establishing a great comprehension of the modern methods and mechanics of marketing.

Key highlights:

Major Speakers were MDs & CEOs of leading companies such as Group M and Pepsico, top marketing managers of Times Internet, Starbucks, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, eBay and Renault amongst others. There were Panelists to take the conversations to another level.  The sessions were followed by networking breaks at regular intervals.

Topics of discussion revolved around Marketing in new age Digital India and around the globe that included:

  1. The new age brand’s marketing techniques that go beyond analysis in numbers
  2. Programmatic marketing
  3. Marketing on Mobiles
  4. Video Marketing as a part of Social Media Marketing
  5. Performance Marketing

Campaign India Digital Crest

Campaign India hosted its tenth edition of its awards on 4th June 2020 to honour excellence in digital advertising and marketing. Dates for 2021 are yet to be announced. Rechristened Campaign India Digital Crest Awards (CIDCA) in 2013, the property has evolved over the last nine years from its origins (as the Campaign India Digital Media Awards), to remain contemporary, relevant and inclusive of the dynamic changes in the digital ecosystem. It also features an award evening.

Foxglove Awards

Having conducted 6 editions, Foxglove continues to be a signature event in the year by afaqs. Every year it aims to to add more sub-categories to accommodate the refreshing work done in newer formats. Foxglove has become one of the most revered advertising shows in India thanks to over 500 unique entities who have participated over the years. A unique aspect about the award is that its only open for agency or organisations that are less than 12 years old. After all, creativity knows no age.

Social Beat Digital Leadership Summit

Social Beat, one of India's fastest growing digital agency in India; conducts Digital Leadership Summit in Mumbai, Bengaluru & Chennai and online. This is a CXO event which brings together Business Leaders and CMOs to discuss how to drive business results through digital marketing and share innovation across Video, Vernacular Content, Voice, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. The business leaders and attendees would be from across sectors, including FMCG, BFSI, Real Estate, Entertainment, Education and Internet Businesses. The 5th edition was conducted virtually in the form of Digital Premier League in Oct 2020.

Pitch CMO Summit

Exchange4Media group boasts of another event that it hosts, the Pitch CMO Summit. It is considered to be their flagship event which gathers some of the greatest marketing minds to discuss the latest, complex and challenging marketing trends in the global market scenario.  Every year, the event is theme-based. The theme for 2019 was “Reinventing Consumer Experience”.  At the Pitch CMO summit on 28th February 2020, leaders from the Industry explained how to concentrate on ‘the buy’, underlines the challenges, and highlight the opportunities.

Digies Digital Awards by afaqs

Digies, an initiative by afaqs!, aims to celebrate creative marketing communication initiatives by Agencies, Brands, Production Houses, Design Studios, Creative Studios, and Content Creators, from exceptional use of social media to integrating multiple platforms, from use of hashtags to a 120-seconder video, and more. There are 38 categories to participate in. Aspirants can submit their work in single or campaign categories. Additionally, there are 2 special awards, namely: Brand of the Year and Agency of the Year.

Streamcon Asia

Conceptualized by the online video analytics & marketing company - Vidooly, StreamCon Asia is a one-stop congregation for content creators, video platforms and advertisers from the online video industry in India. It is one of largest event of its kind in India with speakers and panelists from UC Web, Indigo Airlines, Eros Digital, Fab India, Oyo Rooms, Trent, Dailyhunt and more. It will also feature many content creators and YouTuber Influencers giving it a power packed event for anyone who is leveraging video content. The dates for 2021 are yet to be announced.

Indian Content Marketing Event and Award

A niche awards night started by exchange4media in 2016, is now an annual summit. The last one took place on 2020. In the world of marketing, content has definitely changed the way marketers present their brands to consumers. As more and more brands choose creative content for engaging with their consumers, the need to stand out increases every minute. Indian Content Marketing Awards aim to promote and recognise this talent, expertise and hard work that go behind cracking breakthrough ideas & concepts to create exceptional brand stories. The Content Marketing Summit is also going to have an Asia Summit, so watch out for that too.

Adobe Symposium India

Adobe Symposium is one of the biggest Digital Marketing events in india. This event invites thought leaders in the field of digital marketing to redefine your experiences with Adobe partners. As their marketing promos claim – ‘Take it to another level, soar new heights like never before and extend your digital experience with courses straight from the Adobe Digital Learning Services’. Apart from these, there are several other reasons to attend this conference, including networking goals. This is the most sought-after experience for most digital professionals in today’s utmost competitive era and has been rightly defined as the event “Where digital marketing meets extraordinary experiences.”  Every marketer looks forward to making the most valuable connections with their digital marketing pioneers and peers and if luck may have it, then with the digital marketing veterans and Adobe leaders too.

Ad:Tech Mumbai

ad:tech is the original industry authority for marketing and media technology, where marketing, technology and media communities assemble to share new ways of thinking, build strong partnerships, and define new strategies to compete in an ever-changing marketplace. The 10th edition of ad:tech in Mumbai took place on 27th and 28th October 2020 - the dates for 2021 are yet to be announced. The summit will enable participants to explore the future of marketing and discuss the ever-evolving and complex landscape, focussing on how technology, data and content are helping brands win through superior Customer Experiences, regardless of the touchpoint.

Design Beat Forum

Social Beat, a digital marketing firm is conducting an innovative forum called the ‘Design Beat’. It is a remarkable platform for creative minds to pool in their ingenious ideas and thoughts to come up with solutions that impact lives. Eventually, the solution nudges users and bring about a behavioural change. The design hackathon brings together like-minded problem-solvers to crack the problem with their wits and imagination. The event is scheduled for the 1st of November. Participants will receive exciting rewards for their resourceful contribution. Get ready to grab this wonderful opportunity to showcase your talent! 

Content Marketing Summit Asia

CMS Asia is a premier not-for-profit event organized by the thriving marketing community across JAPAC and ANZ. It is a must attend digital marketing event for every content marketer. This year the summit is being held in four different cities – Sydney, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai. CMS Asia will features speakers and attendees coming together to explore and discuss the various facets of content marketing, emerging trends, best practices and innovative though leadership.

The South Asia leg of the summit will take place in Mumbai on April 15, 2020 tentatively.


The 4th edition of VdoNxt Asia is India’s largest convention for those who live by the promise of digital video. It is the complete experience: listen and network at the conference; get in touch with the latest in technology at the exhibition, and celebrate the best work in digital video at the VdoNxt awards. The last edition was held on 29th January, 2020.

If you are based in Bengaluru, you may find it interesting to read our blog on Top marketing events in Bangalore.

Do feel free to comment below or reach out to us in case you feel any other event in India deserves to be a part of this list.

YouTube launches Shorts for verticals videos of 60 seconds

  • Nandita Raman
  • |
  • 29 September , 2020
  • |
    • 2 min read

Since its advent into the digital world, YouTube has been a space that people often turn to, for information as well as entertainment. The world’s largest video platform has been a launchpad for artists and creators worldwide, giving them a chance to build their community and connect with a wide audience. A long list of creators have made a living out of their content on YouTube and have inspired a million others.

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube has recently launched yet another feature that provides more room for creativity. YouTube Shorts can now be created with just a smartphone. These vertical videos that can be as long as 60 seconds enable high-quality and catchy content to be delivered straight to the audience.  

YouTube has helped an entire generation of creators to establish their space online and has given them a platform to showcase their content to billions virtually.  With the newly introduced Shorts, they are hoping to make an even greater impact with the audience and empower the creators to make the best out of a smartphone. Shorts have been equipped with an array of features that can allow the creators to make the best videos with the least effort. 

Features of YouTube Shorts

The first version of YouTubeShorts has already been released in the Indian market. They offer a range of exciting features such as a multi-segment camera that can patch many videos together, the facility to record with music from an ever-growing collection, speed controls that enhance creativity as well as aid in an easy, hands-free recording - a timer and countdown. More features are to be implemented in the newer versions. 

Over 2 billion users visit the YouTube platform every month, engaging with it in some form - as an audience or as the creator. Therefore, it is important to gain traction by being easily discoverable in this digital space where there are a lot of competitors. It is also equally important to use its features to the full advantage so as to retain the audience. In that regard, YouTubeShorts has emerged as one of the most efficient ways to create short videos and be discovered.

YouTube has also introduced a new feature called Watch, which makes it easier for the audience to swipe vertically from one video to the next. This feature also makes it possible to consume the Shorts videos with even less effort. 

In the digital era of today, it is significant that ‘hard’ work is replaced with ‘smart’ work. One of the ways in which it can be smoothly accomplished is by using all the available features to your best advantage.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Courses in India – 2021 Edition

  • Supraja Ashok
  • |
  • 28 August , 2020
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    • 10 min read

Are you wondering how to learn social media marketing? You’ve landed on the right page. 

Social Media Marketing is becoming one of the fastest-growing aspects of Digital Marketing, which enables marketers to increase their brand awareness to a greater extent. Covid 19 has only accelerated this trend even further. 

Marketing through Social Media is important because: 

  • According to Statista, nearly 50% of the world's population uses social media, and that's over 3 billion users worldwide.
  • According to GlobalWebIndex, each person spends about 2 hours and 22 minutes on social networking sites and apps.

The data also proves that users have also started following popular brands and businesses on Social Media. The scenario has changed and it’s vital to learn social media marketing as every business needs to have a social media presence. It is important to constantly engage with the customers to keep the consumers remembered about your brand. 

Let’s dive deep into the importance and role of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Increased Brand Awareness: Social Media is a natural place to engage with your existing customers and target a new segment of customers on a day to day basis. This means that your business can grow exponentially.
  2. Enables connectivity: To connect with potential customers - it’s important to establish brand trust. The ability to create an emotional connection with your customers on Social Media helps in creating credibility for the brand to grow in the long run. 
  3. Increase Website Traffic: Social media posts and ads acts as a key to driving traffic to the website. Creating great content about your brand, delivers a great impression, and make the consumers click on it and land to the website. 
  4. Lead Generation: Marketing through social media is the easiest method to generate leads in the most cost-effective way. It offers an easy and low-commitment way for potential customers to show interest in the business and it does not require any hard-selling methods. The lead generation also helps in retargeting. 
  5. Boost Sales: As the number of users on Social Media is increasing, it’s important to include it as a major factor in the sales funnel - It helps in converting every new lead into a customer and to engage with them. Social Network is important for product search and E-commerce. 

Being a social media marketer comes up with a lot of fun responsibilities. Yes, you heard me right! Can the responsibilities be fun? Absolutely!

If you are wondering how to be a social media marketer and if you are someone who loves being creative, then this is your chance! Upskilling yourself by learning Social Media Marketing is one of the top skills that would speak volumes on your resume. Social Media Marketers earn an average salary of 5.6 lakhs per year which is just at the start of your career. 

Everything being said, it’s your chance to start learning and now that you have understood the importance and role of social media marketing, let’s look at how to be a social media marketer in India. We have curated the top courses and even some books for you. If you are looking at broader courses around digital marketing, you can check out this link.

Let’s get started!

Name of the Platform Certifications provided Faculties Fees & Duration Key factors
Digigrad Digigrad & Social Beat Certified

Lalitha Shukla, Senior Manager-Digital Strategist, Social Beat

Srinidhi Maheshwari, Senior Manager- Digital Marketing, Social Beat

Aishwarya Merwade, Manager, Assetz

Rs.10,000 + GST - 4 weeks Harvard-style case study learning methodology
Digital Vidya Google, HubSpot, and Government of India

Kapil Nakra, Co-founder, Digital Vidya 

Shubhendu Jha, Co-Founder, WeBeeSocial  

Rs.11,900 + GST - One month Industry-based live projects
Simplilearn Simplilearn Certified Kapil Nakra, Co-founder, Digital Vidya 

 Shubhendu Jha, Co-Founder, WeBeeSocial 

Rs.15,999.- Self-paced learning. High-quality self-paced e-learning content 
Digital Academy 30 HubSpot & Facebook. - - An experience like classroom training. 
NIIT NIIT Certified Aditya Pandey, Lead Instructor - Digital Marketing with NIIT Ltd  Rs. 6,700/-  Innovative learning methods
Udemy Udemy Certified - Rs.455/- Budget-friendly
Coursera Coursera Certified Chris J. Vargo, Assistant Professor - the University of Colorado
Rs.3659/- Graded Assignments and Case Studies

Top Social Media Marketing Courses in India


DigiGrad answers all your questions on how to be a social media marketer. DigiGrad is an educational initiative of Social Beat - a Google Premier Partner and a badged Facebook Business Partner. They aim at providing quality Digital training in an online classroom setting. It’s an IIM Alumni initiative and the mission is to deliver Harvard-style Case Study based Learning Methodology and live classes. 

Digigrad’s strong forward-thinking approach can be noticed from their vision - To train 1 lakh Digital Marketing Professionals, in the next two years.

The Social Media Marketing training course offered by Digigrad helps in gaining real-time industry experience with live projects, assignments, and assistance with Internships and placements opportunities. 

Why Digigrad?

  • Get an opportunity to learn from the award-winning Industry-leaders like
    Suneil Chawla, Co-founder, Social Beat - Alumnus, IIM Ahmedabad (2007) | Vikas Chawla, Co-founder, Social Beat Alumnus, London School of Economics (2009) | David Appaswamy, Head-Brand & Strategy, Social Beat | Abhishek Kumaar, Head, DigiGrad - Alumnus, IIM Ahmedabad (2014).
  • 20 hours of live classes: Enables students to understand the concepts in a much easier way and get answers to your queries from Instructors in real-time.
  • 15 hours of live case studies & assignments: Digigrad believes in practical learning. The assignments and case studies are based on real, ongoing projects of the agency to make learning more practical. 
  • Experiential training on platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter,YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Special Modules on Vernacular, Video & Voice Marketing.
  • Certifications: Certified by Digigrad and Social Beat.

What will you receive?

  • A social media marketing training course certificate of completion along with placement and internship assistance after the completion of the course. 
  • Get Lifetime Access to different learning materials and content

Course Duration and Fees structure: Rs.10,000 + GST and the duration of the course is for 4 weeks. They also have the digital marketing master program which covers aspects like content marketing, digital advertising and media planning too.

Digital Vidya: 

Digital Vidya is a leading professional training institution that aims at providing the right skill-set for freshers and professionals. They have provided quality education for over 35+ professionals across 55+ countries. Digital Vidya has also successfully partnered with top Social tycoons such as Facebook, LinkedIn, NASSCOM & Vskills to make the learning experience better. 

The Social Media Marketing Training Course offered by Digital Vidya acts as an eye-opener for all the passionate marketers. Digital Vidya offers live instructor-led sessions which makes the learning more interactive. 

Why Digital Vidya?

  • Get an opportunity to learn from the Industry-experts such as
    Kapil Nakra, Co-founder, Digital Vidya | Shubhendu Jha, Co-Founder, WeBeeSocial | Pradeep Chopra, Co-founder, Digital Vidya | Rohit Uttamchandani, Senior Manager, Social Beat.
  • 12+ hours of live classes: Digital Vidya specialises in providing instructor-led live sessions which covers all aspects of marketing through Social Media in a detailed which covers around 10 modules.
  • 4+ Hands-on projects: Digital Vidya trains students based on industry-based projects to get hands-on experience on how an agency works for different clients. 
  • Certifications: Get Certified from Google, Hubspot, and Government of India. 

What will you receive?

  • Free Social Media tools worth Rs.40,000 +
  • Lifetime access to all the learning materials 
  • 100% Interview Guarantee

Course Duration and Fees structure: Rs.11,900 + GST and the duration of the course is one month. 


Simplilearn is on a journey to transform lives by empowering people through Digital skills. Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading certification training providers in various areas and offers one of the best digital marketing certification programs. They have empowered over one million professionals and companies across 150+ countries. Simplilearn has been named as the 8th most influential education brand in the world by LinkedIn. The Simplilearn’s Advance Social Media Marketing Training Course Certification will help you transform as a successful Social Media Marketer. Learn social media marketing and become a specialist in creating creative copies, influencer marketing, and much more. 

Why Simplilearn?

  • Get an opportunity to learn from the Industry-leaders such as Stéphane Hamel Google Product Strategy Expert, Expert Data Analyst | Greg JarboeExpert Content marketer, President of SEO-PR, Author. 
  • 65 Hours of Blended learning: The modules are designed in such a way that anyone can learn and it starts from the basic level and goes till advanced. The seven modules consist of all the platforms and tools in Social Media. 
  • 25+ real-life industry-based live projects: Simplilearnprovides the opportunity to work on projects based on Content marketing, converged media & social media strategies.
  • Tools covered: Facebook insights | Youtube Analytics | Buffer | Hootsuite | Social Studio. 
  • Certifications: Certificate from Simplilearn

What will you receive?

  • Self-paced learning with lifetime access to all the learning materials
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support.

Course Duration and Fees structure: Rs.15,999. Simplilearn offers Self-paced learning. 

Digital Academy 360

Their vision is to redefine the education system in India and transform the journey of their students into leading professionals. Digital Academy 360 was awarded as the “Best Digital Learning Institute of the year” by Indian Education Awards 2019. They focus on teaching the course from a basic to an advanced level. Their social media marketing training courses are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Digital Academy 360 was also the first institute to kick start a content writing classroom training program.  Learn social media marketing through their Social Media Master program designed for freshers, working professionals, entrepreneurs & freelancers. 

Why Digital Academy 360?

  • 54 Hours Classroom Training: Aims at providing 80% practical and 20% theoretical knowledge covering 16+ topics and 6+ Social media tools. 
  • 5+ Top Industry Case studies: Enabling professionals to gain practical knowledge through designing creative strategies for live projects. It also helps you in understanding the actual corporate environment. 
  • Live Projects: Students will work on agency projects which would enable them to develop websites, run ad campaigns and create digital marketing strategies.
  • Certifications: Get certified from Digital Academy 30, Facebook, and Hubspot. 
  • Tools covered: Hootsuite, Buffer, Canva, IFTTT, Tweetdeck


NIIT is a leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation with a strong focus on assuming a leadership role in the Digital Learning World. Through NIIT Digital, learners can access their learning materials from anywhere and they have put together a great team of Industry-experts to deliver effective learning through online live classes. 

NIIT was recognized as ‘Best Education Company to work with” at Indian Education Congress & Awards 2020. The Social Media Marketing training course offered by NIIT is designed based on the new age goals and makes you equipped to build effective strategies. 

The programme is designed to make beginners learn social media marketing and be conversant with Social Media tools and techniques. 

Why NIIT? 

  • Get an opportunity to learn from the Industry-expert: Aditya Pandey, Lead Instructor - Digital Marketing with NIIT Ltd who is an expert in Digital Marketing and passionate about teaching. 
  • 40 hours of live classes: The curriculum is built based on the industry and offers Hybrid learning: live classes + E-learning. The online classes give the students classroom-like experience which enhances the practical experience.
  • Role plays & Case studies: NIIT enables online & skill-based tests along with role-playing & case studies.
  • Experiential training on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus. 
  • Certifications: NIIT Certificate

What will you receive?

  • Learning Resources
  • Peer and faculty connect
  • NIIT Centre support for mentoring

Fees structure: Rs. 6,700/- 

Our top picks for Pre-recorded courses


Udemy is the leading global platform for learning and they are helping individuals reach their goals by pursuing their dream career. Udemy’s vision is to transform learning experiences by giving access to online courses to anyone from anywhere. Udemy is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting millions of students to the skills they need to succeed. The courses at Udemy helps students and professionals to keep up with the rapidly evolving workplace. The Social Media Marketing training course offered by Udemy specializes mainly at learning advertising on different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and much more. 

The course briefly provides the strategies and principles of Social Media Marketing that has worked with leading brands, providing you with all answers on how to be a social media marketer! 

Why Udemy? 

  • 8 - Hours on-demand Videos: The course will equip you with all the skills you need to be a successful social media marketer starting from Facebook advertising, SEO, blogs, and much more. 
  • Articles and Resources: Udemy gives access to more than 36 articles and 24 downloadable resources for extensive learning apart from the videos. 

What will you receive?

  • Full-time access to all the videos and learning resources.
  • Access to mobile devices and TV. 
  • Certificate of Completion from Udemy. 

Course duration & Fees structure: Self-paced learning at Rs.455/-


Coursera visualizes a world where anyone and everyone is given the ability to transform their career by accessing the world’s top learning resources from Coursera. Every course is taught by highly qualified instructors from leading universities all over the world. Coursera also provides a plethora of free courses that provide access to learning resources and videos. They offer guided projects, specializations, professional certificates, and online degrees. The Social Media Marketing training course offered by Coursera is for beginners who are just starting to learn Social Media marketing basics. This course helps you in learning from basic to advanced advertising techniques such as lookalike modelling and audience retargeting on three major social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Why Coursera?

  • Get an opportunity to learn from the Industry-expert: Chris J. Vargo, Assistant Professor - the University of Colorado Boulder who specializes in data analytics and digital advertising.
  • 10-hours on-demand videos: Comprises of more than four different modules that encompass effective social media targeting and advertising.
  • Case studies: After successful completion of every module, Coursera provides case study assignments for a better understanding of the subject matter.

What will you receive?

  • Full-time access to all the videos and learning resources.
  • Certificate of Completion from Coursera
  • Self-paced learning option along with assignments and graded quizzes. 

Fees structure: Self-paced learning at Rs.3659/-

Conclusion: On the whole, all these social media marketing training courses will help you in pursuing your career goals and will provide you with valuable insights on how to be a social media marketer.

If you are someone who is looking to dive deeper into Digital Marketing and build a successful digital marketing career in India, have a look at courses offered by Digigrad - They are budget-friendly and offer live classes. 

Happy Learning!