Common Mistakes Facebook Marketers Do

  • Lalitha Shukla
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  • Published Date : 7 July , 2014
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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While you are reading this blog, there are millions of people liking, sharing or commenting on Facebook. If you are a business entity who wants to build a brand, convey a unique message, propel your business to greater heights you got to know things you should avoid while marketing on Facebook.

The most common mistakes Facebook Marketers do that one should avoid are as follows:

F - Fail to completely fill the brand page

When you are creating a brand page, ensure you fill up all details like address, cover photo & contact information that is easily accessible by the visitor. If you are expanding to newer locations, ensure you enlist them in your page or best to create separate pages for each location branch. You also get brownie points if you share similar URLs for Facebook, Web & your twitter handle. You should not change the URL/Facebook page that maybe misleading.

A -  Advertisement Budget Constraints

Unfortunately many businesses fail to leverage Facebook as a powerful & effective medium of advertising due to budget constraints. The tools are sophistically designed to track which ad is performing better over a period of time. Using particular & relevant keywords you can target the right audience and ensure. A creative ad should have high brand recall, influence buying decisions & be rewarding like (price discount) to ensure higher engagement and conversion.

C - Cover photo

A cover photo encapsulates the essence of the brand – the look and feel & what the brand conveys. While it should be attractive & relevant, you should take care to refresh it from time to time. What’s pivotal in designing your cover page is that you should abide by the Facebook guidelines. It should not contain –

a). The contact information like mailing address, contact number, email ID or web URL.

b). A call-to-action button asking them to “like”, “share”, “comment”, “invite your friends”; it is to be strictly avoided.

c). This is commonly seen among e-commerce client - Showcasing price discounts like “30% off on purchase of Rs.1000 & above”.

E – Elaborate Text

Research proves that posts with about 150 characters get about 50% more likes & traction in comparison to those long posts with 200 characters or more. So keep it short to get better engagement, by breaking the barrier. People like visuals better than content. Be conversational – ask questions & encourage participation.

B – Blind eye to Facebook Insights

“Facebook Insights link” gives you a wealth of information about how well is your page doing. Monitoring results of each post – reach, likes, source of traffic, most viral posts, paid vs. organic traffic in absolute and relative measures. By closely tracking the performance, it is undeniably the best tool to channelize your efforts in the right direction to maximize your results. This helps you repeat what has worked best in the past, what time is the best to post (peak traffic) & which of your posts has connected well with your followers. Ignoring Facebook insights is like taking your page to the Holy Grail.

O – Over-posting Content

The frequency of posting can have a major impact on the number of “new page likes” and “reach” of the post. Your followers would love to see an excellent post a day rather than many average posts. They may also “unlike”/ “unfollow” if it occurs as spammy content. Take care to respond to comments on each post & never ignore complaints from unhappy customers. They are unlike to return if they feel unheard or ignored. You can manage it better with Facebook Brand Page Manager app.

O – One size fits all content

Your brand can have different products and customer segments. Showcasing all your messages on one Facebook page will alienate your fan base, rather than engaging them. Instead of a one-size fits all approach, identify your customer segments and have dedicated spaces for them. Alternatively, use post targeting to reach only users who would find the specific content engaging. For example, if you are a real estate company with properties across multiple cities, target posts related to properties in Chennai to fans based out of Chennai and nearby cities only.

K – Connect at the best suited time

Most people work from 9 am to 7 pm. Hence it’s important to ascertain what time is ideal to post, to ensure it maximum reach to target audience. Try to understand your audience & ascertain when traffic builds up in your page. Your posts reach will be higher if posted at an appropriate time. Nothing can stop a creative post, well timed, go viral.

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