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  • Abhishek Kumar
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  • Published Date : 31 May , 2014
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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The Economic Times - Real Estate & Digital Conference in New Delhi, is still a month away (27th June), but the interest has started building among the digital agencies, real estate companies and marketing professionals. And why not, considering how digital media has revolutionised marketing for real estate developers. It is true that real estate is something which you purchase after physical verification, but the first step in the purchase funnel starts with a Google search or a click on a social media ad. In fact, the next step of narrowing down on choices is made online. Digital Marketing has a very important role to play in terms of lead generation. Actually, the ROI for digital media is better when compared to print media for real estate marketing. It has opened up huge opportunities in terms of an efficient leads-oriented ROI-based marketing but the path is not easy in this highly competitive industry. Several challenges lie ahead as the real estate industry goes through a paradigm shift in their marketing strategies.

With this as the backdrop, the Real Estate & Digital Conference – Future Perspective - New Delhi, will be a real eye-opener for everyone associated with the industry. When you want to discuss the digital media and real estate, you don’t get a better mix of industry experts than Marketing Gurus, Digital Marketers to Developers. The speakers’ list comprises the likes of Shailesh Rao (VP-Twitter), Brotin Banerjee (MD, Tata Housing) and Vikas Chawla (Co-founder at Social Beat).

Some of the key program highlights of the conference are:

  • Re-inventing digital marketing strategies to bring the buyer back
  • Content – the game changer
  • Benefits of leveraging social media content in the real estate industry
  • Why buyers are going digital: Crowd-source feedback and buy intelligently
  • Digital in real-estate: future perspective 2013-14
  • Real estate digitally yours: best practices and success stories

Apart from the above discussed highlights, you would not want to miss out on the informative discussions around the real estate industry best practices for digital marketing, Real Estate case studies and in-depth panel discussions. If you are in New Delhi for the Digital Marketing for Real Estate India Conference, we would be glad to meet you. Please drop us an email at

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Ashish Tewari2017-11-21 < Reply

Is there a site for this conference so I can sign up next time?

Anushree2014-09-05 < Reply

I wouldve loved to attend this! Can I find the videos of the conference?

umashankar2014-09-02 < Reply

Just missed, at least next time I will attend.

Sneha Sharon2014-06-26 < Reply

Great work by the team! Digital advertising is growth oriented and futuristic and a great boon for realty market.

Social Beat2014-06-24 < Reply

Thanks Nitin.

Nitin2014-06-11 < Reply

Great work Social Beat team!