Digital Marketing Trends for India in 2014

  • Suneil Chawla
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  • Published Date : 31 December , 2013
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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There is no magic wand to predict what 2014 will bring for us. There will definitely be innovations in digital marketing and communication. Predicting trends is a fun exercise nevertheless and here is our take on key trends we can expect to witness in the new year.

Political Parties will invest significantly in Social Media

With the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the emergence of the AAM Aadmi Party, we can expect significant investment of time and marketing spends on social media. Gujarat CM Narendra Modi is already one of the most popular Twitter celebrities with over 30 Lakh Followers and newly elected Delhi CM Arvind  Kejriwal has nearly 10 Lakh followers. The action in the online political space is bound to heat up.

Social Media for Narendra Modi in 2014

2014 to be the year of the Mobile Web

Mobile Commerce has long-held promise in India, but looks like 2014 will be the year when the promise turns into reality. Large ecommerce websites like MakeMytrip, Flipkart and Myntra are seeing ~15%-20% of the transactions coming through mobile already. If you run a business, it’s the right time to think through a mobile strategy (just building an app won’t do!) and ensure that your customers can transact with you through their mobiles.

Mobile Phones has opened up many sectors for innovation

Improved User Experiences

In a bid to optimize websites for search engines, many websites had poor user experiences. With refined tastes of the Indian consumers, we are seeing even decade only businesses like go in for a fresh and lean User Experience. 2014 will see increased usage of tools like A/B Testing of the website, Heatmaps and consumer studies to get the User Experience right.

Social Media moves from Push to Talk

Two-way Communication on Social Media

Many businesses have been using social media like a TV Channel. The story has been - keep pushing messages and spending on Advertisements to get your voice heard. Going forward, brands will need to create content which engages in conversations with users – else, brands can except to get lost in the sea of content being produced online.

Clear ROI on Digital Investments

Many Brands started investing seriously in digital marketing only in 2013. In 2014, brands will expect to see clear ROI for the digital investments. We can expect granular tracking of what’s working and what hasn’t, with a shift to online channels which have a higher ROI.

Would be great to hear from you on which trends you agree with and disagree with – please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Sam Mudra2014-07-05 < Reply

It is just the beginning of Digital Marketing in India. Corporates, brands, politicians, celebrities and professionals from various domains are learning and utilizing the digital medias for business, branding, knowledge and growth. It will be fascinating to see where does it go in next 5 years down the line.

Team Social Beat2014-01-03 < Reply

Thanks for your inputs Mark. Engagement with users and readers is indeed going to be essential. We will have to engage with them in the real sense in order to leverage social media.

Team Social Beat2014-01-03 < Reply

Absolutely Rakesh - and many more are going to get digitally active in the coming months thanks to the elections.

Mark Wilston2014-01-03 < Reply

Strong profiles and readers' engagement are going to rock this year.

Rakesh2014-01-03 < Reply

politicians are getting very active on social media...even arun jaitley, chidambaram