Evaluating the Online Presence of Clinics in India

  • Rachna Ganatra
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  • Published Date : 18 March , 2014
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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    • 2 min read

 Most consumers today are not only just net savvy, but also explore better options and share their opinions and grievances online. It has become imperative to be able to compete in the online environment with an online presence that is robust in aesthetics, functionality and above all user friendly and targeted to keep the consumers engaged and loyal.

Clinics/ Hospitals are soon realizing the above trend and moving towards creating an online presence which helps them retain their existing patient base on one hand and broadening it on the other. The infographic above evaluates the current trends in online presence of clinics. Three categories of clinics- eye, dental and maternity were surveyed for the purpose. It shows that online booking is an important functionality enabled by most dental clinics; nearly 80%, also have a presence of Facebook. Key players in the maternity segment have maximum likes on their page from all the clinics surveyed. The average domain rank of eye clinics is the highest, implying better visibility on various search engines. The following are the three Key areas of focus in the digital strategy for clinics.

User Friendly website

Creating a website with the end-user and their pain points in mind is the first step to building a robust online presence. For example, one of the issues that patients face is to obtain doctor appointments, if this issue is addressed upfront by enabling online booking both the patients and clinics would benefit. Also, other functionalities like submitting patient queries can be enabled. An A/B tested website would ensure optimal use and low bounce rates.

Search Engine Optimization

With so many clinics competition for new visitor traffic online, having a website with both online and offline SEO will help drive new and targeted traffic to the website.

Social Media Presence

An impressive and interactive social media presence, is the best way to engage at an informal, yet at a high responsive mode with patients. While achieving brand awareness, reputation is built by sharing important/ useful information, responding to queries and interacting with patients regularly.

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GYNcare INdia2018-07-27 < Reply

Thanks for sharing this blog ... It has very useful information. It will help lots of hospital/medical teams

ortho_del2016-07-12 < Reply

very useful blog, i agree with u all above u say about evalnating the online presence of clinics.

Team Social Beat2014-03-20 < Reply

Thanks for your inputs Dr. Akash. we had used 30 clinics from Chennai for the research. Which city are you based in ?

Dr. Akash2014-03-18 < Reply

Very useful. How many clinics were used for the sample?