Google PageSpeed Insights to make your website mobile & SEO friendly

  • Abhishek Kumar
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  • Published Date : 9 June , 2014
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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The Internet Era has now given way to the Mobile Internet Era, with 15% to 35% of traffic coming from mobile devices, and this is only slated to grow. Inspite of the fact that already about 1/4th traffic is from mobile, many top Indian websites are not mobile compatible (read our article on 10 Indian websites that are not mobile responsive). If your website is not optimized for the mobile, you are definitely losing out on leads and customers and also on search engine rankings.

So how do you go about optimizing your website for the mobile? Google PageSpeed Insights is a useful tool that helps you identify issues, rectify them and make your website mobile friendly. Below is a summary of the key recommendations to make your website mobile friendly:

  • Object Scaling

It can be really frustrating to click or tap on a link / button on a phone or tablet and accidently, hitting on the wrong button because your finger pad is larger than a desktop mouse cursor. The tap targets should be scaled such that they are large enough to press / click easily.

  • Viewports

If your webpage does not have a meta-viewport tag, mobile browsers will consider you page to be not mobile friendly and hence, fall back on a desktop viewport. Moreover, it might apply font-boosting which can interfere with your intended page layout. The first step in configuration should be width = device – width. It should be kept in mind that not all mobile devices have the same width. Also, users prefer mobile sites scrolling vertically rather than horizontally.

  • Fonts

Check the font sizes. They should be legible to mobile users across devices. Google PageSpeed Insights checks the font sizes on whether it is enough to be read comfortably by most users.

  • Plugins

If you want to attract users who are using their mobile, avoid plugins, as most smartphones do not support flash and other plugins.

If you have a website already and are thinking of making it mobile friendly, it's possible. But in many cases, a complete redesign, factoring in user experience and website analytics will help increase your website's conversion rate and boost web and mobile traffic. If you are using Wordpress or a CMS then there are quick fixes to make your site compatible - for example in Wordpress there is a mobile solution called WP Touch.

We would love to hear your thoughts on mobile/tablet compatibility and how do you see it evolving.

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Alexandra2017-02-05 < Reply

Excellent blog post. I definitely appreciate this website. Keep writing!

Niladri Chatterjee2014-06-21 < Reply

Hey Abhishek, quite informative post. I've been gawking around the Google PageSpeed Insights from many days. I never knew it can have such multipurpose uses. Thanks for your advices.

Social Beat2014-06-30 < Reply

Hi Niladri, thanks for the appreciation. Google has many such wonderful tools. Do keep visiting our blog to stay updated. Also, looking forward to your feedback !