How to sell across multiple E-Commerce marketplaces

  • Suneil Chawla
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  • Published Date : 9 April , 2015
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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As the growing digital population is all set to rock India's economy and business landscape, it has become vital for businesses to go online as well. A budding entrepreneur who is looking at selling his products online can create his own e-commerce website or sell products on other online marketplaces such as Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, etc.

After registering with these online marketplaces that allow you to sell products for a commission, managing different dashboards, stock list & inventories becomes difficult. In order to simplify the online selling process, tools have been developed to integrate all of these into one single dashboard.

Tools like Browntape, ecomdash, boostmysale, etc provide one common dashboard to manage all your orders and inventories across e-commerce platforms. Let’s take a look at what each of these softwares have to offer:

Selling across multiple ecommerce marketplaces in India

If Indian market is your main business focus, the below mentioned tools are some of the key players in providing inventory and order management solutions:

1. Unicommerce

Unicommerce, recently acquired by Snapdeal has an inventory management software for e-commerce, integrated with some of the world's leading online marketplaces and cart solutions.

It helps in complete order fulfillment life-cycle through real-time maintenance of inventory, orders and shipping process. One can also view key metrics and insights with respect to sales and performance using a single dashboard.

2. Browntape

Browntape lets you sell your products across 8 platforms which includes eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Rediff Shopping, Tradus, Naaptol, shopclues, etc.

It provides a centralised inventory management system that keeps track of the stocks and orders that come in on a real-time basis. One can also print out the shipping labels and send out automated emails to the customer about purchase order status.

3. Boost My Sale

This easy to use e-commerce solutions provider integrates inventories, sales and other management factors in one single window. It not only streamlines and automates the processes but also provides insights on scaling up your business and visibility. With real-time inventory and sales figures, Boost My Sale helps in quick decision making and growing the business without having to worry about everyday challenges in sales & supply chain management.

Selling across multiple ecommerce marketplaces globally

Businesses that operate on a large scale and have tie-ups with global online marketplaces can make use of these tools for hassle-free sales and operations:

4. Ecomdash

ecomdash is yet another inventory management & order fulfillment software for multi-channel e-commerce sellers. It provides a single view of all e-commerce operations using a single dashboard. Sales, shipping & inventory management is all automated and also lets us monitor sales & supply chain through effective data management.

5. Orderhive

Orderhive is a multichannel order & inventory management system that is integrated with leading marketplaces and businesses. It cuts down on the additional infrastructure and maintenance cost for online sellers through its simplified back-end process management. It also provides customised offerings to suit your business needs, in terms of having a dedicated server (such as Bluehost) and managing it efficiently.

6. Seller Active

It’s a cloud based inventory management application that consolidates and processes orders from multiple marketplaces. It removes the clutter out of multichannel selling and gives real-time updates on competitor's pricing as well. It also analyses shipping rates and gets the most cost-efficient rates from leading delivery companies to process the orders.

Online selling across various marketplaces means having to oversee and manage different channels and processes. As and when the business grows in terms of more online marketplaces and product orders, resorting to such tools & solutions providers becomes inevitable. They greatly help in streamlining processes, reducing the infrastructure cost and provide great insights, which might otherwise go unnoticed in a daily tracking routine.

Do try out the trial versions or subscribe for the above mentioned tools for your business and share your experience with us in the ‘Comments’ section. And in case we have missed out on other important channel & inventory management tools, do write to us.

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Benoit Watrigant2019-04-11 < Reply

Beyond software providers. Do you know full service providers taking care of webdesign + Online marketing + customer care + Fullfilment for the brands (ie eCommerce enabler) with operations in India ?

Ayesha Rafeeq2019-04-22 < Reply

Hey Benoit! We would be pleased to help you out, you can contact us for more information. Digital Bytes is our in house channel for more information on Digital Marketing.

harish2016-10-17 < Reply

Can we handle the dashboard by yourself and alll advertisement everything etc

Pallavi Swadi2016-05-28 < Reply

i currently sell through Retail - my own retail stores & other retail stores across the country; Online through Amazon Firstcry about to start Flipkart and Paytm; and looking at starting my own website as well. What do recommend for me?

Akshita Singh2015-12-26 < Reply

Great list of resources. Here, i would like to add Contalog's multi channel inventory and order management software. They are also providing the best features for cloud based interface, dynamic stock control, integration with most of the eCommerce systems and third party market places for any business. Moreover, they allows you to manage order and product information across multiple sales channel. I hope the above details gave some idea.

Social Beat2015-12-28 < Reply

Thanks for sharing it Akshita

Ali2015-08-24 < Reply

Primaseller is also a tool that not only integrates with Flipkart, Amazon, PayTM, Shoplclues, Fabfurnish and Magento, but also allows you to sell on your physical stores from the same platform.

Sanjeev2015-08-15 < Reply

Want to sell products on all market places. How to go about it. Ready to discuss on earnings for all.

Aaditya2015-07-15 < Reply

Hi Suneil, Thanks for the post. Just keeping you and you audience updated. We at Unicommerce, have recently started giving our product for free. Its a forever free, unlimited usage plan for all ecommerce sellers. You are invited to check it out.

Social Beat2015-07-16 < Reply

Thanks for letting us know Aaditya. We shall surely check it out.

Suhas2015-06-11 < Reply

Is there anyone who offers multiple price updates on multichannel platforms?

Social Beat2015-06-26 < Reply

Dear Suhas - Not at the moment but maybe you can recommend the same to the above platforms.

Jay2015-05-27 < Reply

Is there something like display and fetch products from multi channel retail to your website?

Ashwin2015-04-11 < Reply

Din't know these tools existed! Which one is the most efficient and cost-effective?

Social Beat2015-04-14 < Reply

Hey Ashwin - Unicommerce is the best of the tools and has been around longer so you may want to give that a try first.