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  • Published Date : 6 June , 2016
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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On 4th April, I stepped into Social Beat's office with a lot of excitement and curiosity. The excitement because it was my first internship experience in a digital marketing firm and curiosity because I didn't know what to expect. But well, it was worth the curiosity I'd say!

Although I had a fair knowledge of digital marketing (thanks to my Undergraduate), I didn't know the process behind the whole scenario. Facebook post was just a post until I came here. Never did I know so much planning goes behind each and every published content. Leave the content, even each and every word. The execution part was the only thing I could see from outside not knowing that an entire team dedicatedly works for it. Now I know a Facebook post is more than a post!

The best thing about Social Beat is that you get all the freedom to put in your creative brain and work on your ideas. There is no restriction in the depth that one can go in creating and bringing up new things in work. In fact, we even have ‘Idea Adda’ sessions every Thursday where the entire team sits to discuss on new ideas and brainstorm on it. It is a great platform to show innovation in the work! The entire team sticks really well and no one was hesitant to clear any doubts that I had even if it was silly! They were all more than welcoming to help me anytime with any work even when it was not delegated by them. To bring in the team closer, Social Beat has ‘Chit-Chat’ sessions every Friday where we interact and try doing something out of our work. They even had something new by trying out a market survey in Express Avenue, luckily in the time I interned.


This experience has let me learn and experience a lot of things. Firstly, it brushed up my writing skills. Though I write blogs, it was all personal and only here I learned the art of writing for a brand. I had successfully completed few blogs for clients. Secondly, creativity. I was not aware that I can be this creative until I researched and thought about campaigns for clients. Thanks to my guide, Lalitha for the huge support! Thirdly, work culture. As I mentioned how good the work culture is, it is a great thing that my first work happened here. As they say, few drops make the ocean, I can’t put into words what all little things I got out of the whole experience, but the effect and importance of those are huge!

Social Beat is a great place to work. The way the work flows to deliver good results is something I learned the most. The people I worked with personally were one of the kindest to not just help me out in work but also made sure I liked what I was doing. After two months of one awesome experience I had, I would definitely miss the place. Be it the sudden meetings, the team lunches, review calls, client experiences, everything will be missed.

Thanks, Social Beat.

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sumit2019-02-08 < Reply

Correctly said that for the first time you have experience of doing internship separately, meet new people, get involved in the environment, learn how to work in the company, and also learn to teach a lot. That is the beginning of our career.

Ayesha Rafeeq2019-04-04 < Reply

Thank you, Sumit! You can also read Top lifestyle bloggers of Chennai. I am sure you would like it.