Lead Form Ad Extensions on Google Search – Why are we so excited about it?

  • Ayesha Rafeeq
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  • Published Date : 11 September , 2018
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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Following the success of lead forms across multiple platforms, Google has decided to introduce Lead form extension for search ads (see the full Google for India video for more info). This form extension, which is still in beta, gives an option of a form directly on the search ad itself, similar to the lead ads on Facebook and LinkedIn. The new initiative will appear in the mobile search results page and will be a game changer for both marketers and consumers. According to Google search report, 80% of traffic comes from mobile devices, which means this update will help brands reach the next billion internet users.

How does it benefit marketers?

  • Form ads can help brands generate high-quality leads due to the high-intent of the users who fill them up.
  • It eliminates the need to click on the ad and go to the landing page to fill the form, providing the twin benefit of speed and convenience. Moreover, brands that don’t have a landing page yet, this can be an ideal way to generate enquiries.
  • With 80% of searches coming from mobile, the mobile-optimised design of the form ads is a win-win for both the consumers and the marketers.
  • The forms can be optimised without the hassle of coordinating with the technology team.
  • Finally, it allows campaigns to go live instantly with limited technology/CRM integrations. Though CRM integrations might not be available at launch it is likely to happen as the product is enhanced.

How does it benefit consumers?

  • Since the ads are targeted to the user based on their previous content consumption pattern, the forms are more relevant.
  • Compared to mobile pages, the forms load faster and provide a better user experience. Similar to how AMP Landing Pages improve the experience.
  • The forms are usually pre-filled with the information of the user, reducing the friction of filling and making it even easier to hit “Submit”. The quality of leads is something that needs to be tested once the extension is launched.

You can also check out our all you need to know video on lead forms on Google.

Information generated in lead reports:

Marketers can get the following fields filled by potential consumers:

  • Name of the lead
  • Email ID of the lead
  • Phone number
  • Gclid
  • Campaign ID
  • Ad group ID

Form ads also provide the time stamp of lead submission. In the initial phase, the leads will be sent to a Google spreadsheet which can be created during the setup process.

This update from Google is still in the beta stage but with the list of benefits it provides, there is no doubt that it going to stay! We are excited to try it out for our clients. Watch this space for more.

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Deekshith2019-05-30 < Reply

I cannot see the option of this extension. Pls help

Team Social Beat2020-05-12 < Reply

You can find more details at https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9363648?hl=en

Vimlesh2018-12-25 < Reply

Thanks Ayesha Rafeeq for bringing this to us, very informative.

Ayesha Rafeeq2018-12-26 < Reply

We're glad you found the article useful, Vimlesh! Please do read our blog how to generate high quality leads for your brand too!

Daks2018-10-17 < Reply

Great post! But this type of ad extension still available in Google Adwords? I couldn't find it in my Adwords account.

Ayesha Rafeeq2018-11-24 < Reply

It is in beta testing. We will keep you posted about the availability :)

Political Cartoons2018-10-04 < Reply

effective blog

Ayesha Rafeeq2018-11-24 < Reply

Thank you! Please do read our other blogs as well and share your valuable feedback

saurav kumar2018-09-19 < Reply

Thanks for sharing useful information.

Ayesha Rafeeq2018-11-24 < Reply

Thank you Saurav!

Rohitashav Goyal2018-09-19 < Reply

Very well written. A new insight into how one can use form ads. The size of the images could have been bigger to ensure visibility, in the blog, it is rarely visible. I am definitely going to try this with clients.

Ayesha Rafeeq2018-11-24 < Reply

Thank you Rohit! We'll alter the image size for better viewability.

Arpit Pradhan2018-09-14 < Reply

Thank you for providing information.

Ayesha Rafeeq2018-11-24 < Reply

Thank you! Please do read our other blogs as well and share your valuable feedback :)