Mobile Responsive Web Design: 10 Indian websites that are not mobile responsive

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  • Published Date : 12 May , 2014
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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At a networking meet last week, I was not surprised to hear a couple of interesting questions thrown around. Some of them which I got hold of, are as follows:

  • Does your company have a mobile website?
  • Do we need a responsive website as we already have a mobile website in place?
  • We are not an e-commerce company so is a mobile responsive website critical for us?

Firstly, let me start off with the difference between the mobile website and a mobile responsive website.

A mobile responsive website design means that no matter what the screen size is, the content always optimizes for the corresponding screen size. Thus, the website can be viewed using any device with any screen size like mobile, tablet, etc. This eliminates the need for cumbersome panning or resizing the website when viewing on different devices.

Alternatively, a mobile website means that you have a separate entity built for a specific devices’ screen size only. Try opening it in a differently-sized device and you would immediately want to check out other competitors in the industry with a better user-friendly website rather than suffering anxiety, eye-strain and blood pressure trying to work your way through the website.

This inspired me to have a look at the Indian companies that do not have a mobile-responsive website and I was pretty surprised to see that a lot of the big names also, do not have an optimized mobile web strategy. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Pantaloons
  2. Mom & Me Mom & Me
  3. Groffr Groffr
  4. Apple India Apple India
  5. Tata Docomo Tata Docomo
  6. Shoppers Stop Shoppers Stop
  7. Café Coffee Day Ccd
  8. TCS Tcs
  9. Reliance Communications RCom
  10. Groupon Groupon

The advantages of moving to a responsive web design are many, right from getting mobile traffic to your website to making the website adaptive to the future devices. There are companies that do have dedicated apps but again, not everyone is expected to have the app installed on their device. Instead, a responsive website can allow them to browse without frills. Companies can either opt to brace up for the future or be ready to lose up to half of their traffic in the future in the absence of a mobile responsive web design.

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Yogesh2018-07-04 < Reply

Indeed a great post.Thanks for sharing with us.I would love share this post.keep posting.

Ajina Mol2014-05-29 < Reply

Responsive website is definitely going to be a serious blow to the business in the coming years. For the past 1 year, the mobile and tablet users have increased by 40% and no business can risk loosing that 40% of traffic.

Social Beat2014-05-30 < Reply

Absolutely Ajina, we couldnt agree more. For some businesses % of mobile traffic is already 25%-30%.

Canta2014-05-28 < Reply

In the case of e-commerce sites like Groupon / Shoppers Stop, I guess the end user would like to see the products / services being offered on a large screen rather than a restricted screen of a mobile.

Social Beat2014-05-28 < Reply

Thanks for your feedback Canta. Yes, its true that many prefer larger screen but in the coming months, mobile usage is going to increase and we cannot ignore 20-25% of the web traffic.