My Internship Experience At Social Beat : Aaditya Khandelwal

  • Vimal Michael
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  • Published Date : 13 March , 2019
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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    • 2 min read

Data. Marketing. Technology. These were the 3 words revolving inside my mind when I was hunting for my first job after college. 

Considering my interest, Social Beat sounded like THE place for me to learn about paid acquisitions and growth marketing, in-depth.

I was overwhelmed working with Sundar and his experienced team of digital advertisers who actively involved me in the accounts since day one. With such expertise and guidance, It was easy to learn more in the 3-month internship than in 4 years of college. The entire vibe was around experimenting and learning from others. One can actually feel themselves grow along with the team, as every coming day posed a new challenge in disguise, an opportunity to learn something new. As a fresher, I used to bombard my colleagues with doubts which they gladly clarified and even took some time out of their schedule if needed. The training sessions and weekly meetings were greatly beneficial in terms of gaining knowledge about new platforms, strategies and exploring further avenues.

As my first professional working experience, I couldn’t have asked for a better environment where each and every team member was dedicated to make their brand a success story and drive ROI.  A walk through the corridor would be enough to listen to 10 different things that you never knew before and if you found something that caught your interest, you could just drop by, say “Hi!” and learn about it.

Cross working between different teams was frictionless and it’s something anyone would enjoy since you get a chance to think from someone else’s perspective. An example of this would be working on pitch decks where you’d receive ideas from different members across teams and get a holistic view of the solutions that we as a digital agency can provide to clients.

Reflecting back on my internship, in all honesty, I could have never asked for a better internship experience. Deep gratitude to Suneil, Vikas and Sundar for their constant support and to the entire Social Beat team as well for running this sublime organization in high spirits!

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