My Internship Experience At Social Beat : Pinky Rout

  • Sayantan Rudra
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  • Published Date : 5 August , 2021
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  • Updated Date : 17 January , 2022
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    • 2 min read

I joined Social Beat as an Analytics Intern in December 2020 during the pandemic. I came across this internship opportunity via a Linkedin post and applied for it and within a few days, I went through the process and got selected.

Being a fresher and having no experience with analytics and its tools, I had no idea what I would do and how would I learn this? But my TL Sundar has always given me so much time to understand things and learn at my own pace. In the first week, I was given time to learn and complete certification to build my foundations. Later, I was given tasks I didn't do quite well initially, but I was always encouraged and given time to understand everything, make mistakes, and learn.

With his guidance and constant support, I understood the work and learned something here every day. Other team members have also helped me understand how google ads, analytics, and many other tools work and how to use data to make the marketing efforts the team puts to success. These 5 months of internship allowed me to grow personally and helped me gain skills in Google Analytics, GTM, Marketing analytics, and data reporting. I never thought WFH could be fun and productive at the same time. The HR team created amazing events for all of us from gaming nights to musical nights, to learning sessions by team members and many more things I experienced has made my experience more valuable.

I am looking forward to learning many things about Digital Marketing in-depth and growing my knowledge here in Social Beat.

Being an AIESECer, I always wanted to work for Social Beat as Vikas sir is also an AIESEC alumnus. And it happened; I am glad that I got this internship and I am always grateful that I joined Social Beat.

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