My Internship Experience – Sanjana Chordia

  • Team Social Beat
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  • Published Date : 1 July , 2018
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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As a design student, I interned at Social Beat for a month, and I am happy I decided to work here. I interned with the design team, and this is my first time working in an office. The office is at Social Beat is very relaxed, and my mentors gave me a range of tasks. Knowing just the basics of design tools, I was thought the various other tools and their uses. Social Beat enabled me to think outside of the box, and this made me come up with better ideas for the clients I worked with. I also got to interact with the Social Media team, and the Influencer team. My mentor Nithin helped me understand the tools inside out, which made my creative better. I would also like to thanks Purushothaman sir for always guiding me and stressing the importance of values in the workplace. Additionally, I also learned the importance of time management and being organised.

Although I was there for just a month, the entire team made me feel welcome and was friendly to me. I particularly enjoyed the games night that the team has and the chit-chat session, where we celebrate the work the all teams do. It is beneficial and helps you understand what is going on. I also got to be part of the training session. The first one was on Wa-Com, where I learned how to sketch and make, and the next was on the basics of After Effects, which was helpful.

This Internship was a valuable learning experience for me because it gave me independence as well as a sense of responsibility. Overall, my time at Social Beat exceeded my expectations and taught me various values. I couldn’t have done anything better this summer other than joining Social Beat, which let me prepare myself better for the future. As I leave, I want to thank everyone who helped me learn. It has been a great experience, and I am forever thankful to everyone who gave me their hand here.

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