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  • Published Date : 1 June , 2016
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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After having worked in a service based MNC with more than 2 lakh employees, coming to social Beat for an internship was refreshingly different. The biggest advantage is that you get to know everyone that you work with. The work becomes easier when you know them in person. The best part is that you know the reason why you are doing a particular task, especially compared to the state where you come to office to do a particular set of specific functions assigned. In that case, you only care about certain part of the workflow.

From a student’s perspective, this was a huge learning experience for me. For a person like me who thought that digital marketing is all about Facebook posts likes and comments, this stint changed my opinion completely. My learning curve is exponential. Hence, the takeaway is huge. As they say, the best way to learn it is by doing it. Now I realize that campaign design, website optimization, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, adwords, proposal making, branding, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are more than what it meets the eye. These 8 weeks of internship has given me a sound platform to develop and research further in this field.

The work culture is the finest. This is because everyone takes ownership. No one puts a limit to your freedom and method of thinking. You are given the freedom to work on your idea. You have the room to make mistakes and learn from them. You have the room to keep your individuality intact without compromising on what the client wants. I could easily see that everyone is aware of the work-flow or the entire cycle of client servicing. There is no room to tell others that I belong to social media department and hence I do not know how it works in business development or the designing side.

Realizing that there is a huge scope for self-improvement is one of the greatest qualities of an individual. Maintaining the hunger for one’s own passion is a great skill, which enables you to grow. Both the above-mentioned quality and skills are inherent in Social Beat. This organization looks for improvement in the existing process and the focus is not just on numbers.

The weekly review meetings, the Friday chit-chats and the brand building activity -‘Digital chai pe charcha’ are extremely good trends, which the company has started and is the backbone of the organization. I wish everyone had their birthday on a working day. Warm celebration in the presence of the entire organization is indeed a memory worth freezing in your mind.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Suneil and Vikas for their guidance and support. Anuradha, for being the best mentor I could ever have. Lalitha, Allan, Aishwarya, Krithika, Roshni, Abhishek, Subramaniyam, Ravi, David, Panisa and Vimal for their inputs and love.

Rohit, Nandita, Kruthika and Priya for the Saturday lunches. Mohan, Karthi, Purushothaman, Hari, Pournima, Bindhya and Shobhana for their warmth.


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