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  • Abhishek Kumar
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  • Published Date : 18 December , 2014
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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Riding on the social media wave, #Influencer #Marketing has emerged as the next big thing. We have also recently launched our new initiative for Influencer Marketing in India which can be seen at In this context, the Social Beat Influencers’s Meet was held at the Hotel Vestin Park today. The guest list included content marketing experts, bloggers and social media influencers, as follows:

  • Mr. Rajasekar, Head – Content & Social Media marketing, Bharat Matrimony
  • Naveena Vijayan, Sub-editor, The New Indian Express
  • Sarath Babu, Twitter Influencer & Blogger
  • Shrinidhi Hande, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
  • Pari Vasisht, Food & Home Blogger
  • Balaji Vijayaraghavan, Co-founder, Insightz Media Pvt. Ltd.

The agenda revolved around content marketing, its evolution and future trends. The key discussion points that came up for discussion are briefly mentioned as follows:

  • Content Strategy for blogs: With content marketing driving businesses, brands who haven’t taken to blogging as a marketing medium are missing out. According to Mr. Rajasekar, Head of Content Marketing at Bharat Matrimony - blogging by brands should not just revolve around lead generation in the short-term. The blog strategy should have a 360-degree approach whereby they should look at brand-building as well as providing relevant information to the readers who can be their future customers. This is a long-term strategy that can yield multi-fold returns for their efforts.
  • Key goal of influencers: The influencers need to develop a niche for themselves in their area of  interest, like lifestyle, travel, etc. Apart from various monetization opportunities, it also gives them a chance to establish themselves as an industry or domain expert.
  • Monetization of blogs: If you have an excellent blog, then you can look forward to monetizing it easily via various ways like collaboration with brands and Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an advertising program that works based on relevant content targeting. For example, in case a food blogger activates the AdSense program, then ads related to restaurants, food, etc. shows up next to the blog posts.
  • Freedom of speech working with brands: The freedom of speech issue discussed was one of the key points discussed. When bloggers work for brands, there is an important question involved – while reviewing a product, a blogger has a responsibility towards his readers but when one is paid by the brands on the other side to review the product, do you have the freedom to write about the cons? What should be done in such a case of conflict in interest? The panel was of the view that it’s ultimately the readers who should be the priority in the above scenario, as they have a responsibility towards their followers.
  • Creating the DNA in organizations to take user feedback from social media and implement policies: When brands go online, it is a double-edged sword. While it makes it easier for brands to reach their customers, it also opens an easy way for their customers to share their feedback in the public space. While good feedback is welcome, but negative feedback is dreaded by many brands. The discussion brought about an important aspect that it’s not the negative feedback that matters, but how you handle them. The organization’s DNA should have the ability to quickly handle negative feedback and improve the organization. Once a negative feedback is addressed appropriately, the now-converted happy customers will be the biggest brand ambassadors for their brand.

The meet ended on an enthusiastic note with demand for more such events in Chennai. We are equally excited about the next Influencer meet. Watch this space for more updates.


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weenapradhan2015-03-16 < Reply

Please keep me posted about similar meets in future. Thanks !

Social Beat2015-04-23 < Reply

Hi Weena, absolutely. We should be having the next Influencers meet in June, 2015.

Social Beat2015-03-16 < Reply

Absolutely Weena. We shall keep you posted on such events in the future. Do also check out which is a platform to connect bloggers with brands.

Daniel2015-02-16 < Reply

The panel was of the view that it’s ultimately the readers who should be the priority in the above scenario, as they have a responsibility towards their followers -- Even I share the same view. Let me also know if similar meets are conducted in future. would love to participate :)

Social Beat2015-04-23 < Reply

Hi Daniel, Absolutely. The next Influencers meet in Chennai is tentatively planned for late-June. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Social Beat2015-02-17 < Reply

Thanks for your comment Daniel. We shall surely keep you posted on our future blogger meets in Chennai.

Remya2015-02-03 < Reply

I would also like to be part of this meet. Would appreciate if you could let me know about such programs in the city. Thanks in advance.

Social Beat2015-02-03 < Reply

Thanks for reaching out to us Remya. Our team member will get in touch shortly and then keep you posted on our future events and influencer engagement activities across India.

Shriram2014-12-27 < Reply

Do keep me posted for such an Influencer Meet the next time you organize one! Thanks much.

Social Beat2014-12-30 < Reply

Dear Shriram, - We would love to have you for the next meet :) Thanks.