A case study of how a real estate company grew via digital marketing

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For every real estate developer, selling their property is the only focus. From offline to online advertising, brands are willing to try anything to generate leads and reach out to the potential buyers. In our experience, for most real estate developers, the digital medium works extremely well. We have seen that for some developers, over 1/3rd of their sales come from the digital medium.

The Challenge

Most developers, until recently have been using the offline medium for marketing. Developing from a large offline presence to online lead generation has its implications. Most real estate Developers do not know where to start the digital journey. Transitioning from generating sales via the traditional methods of cold calling to intensive integrated marketing campaigns, The Biggest Challenge Real Estate Developers’ Face in Mumbai is determining what Digital Business Strategy guarantees a boost in high ROI?

Another key challenge faced by many property developers is the fact that amid the fast-paced digital shift, how does one choose the right digital channels or Online Advertising Strategy to drive toward the best quality lead that contributes to increasing their sales?

The real estate industry is forming a shift in the space and like every other competitor most real estate players do not clearly define the boundaries of what makes a good marketing strategy.

The Solution

In digital marketing, Real Estate in Digital Marketing terms means lead generation and this means implementing The Latest Digital Marketing Trends to capture that valuable lead that matters to your business. Effectively understanding which platform works to drive those very valuable leads is a strategic process which requires deep in-depth knowledge of gaining higher conversion rates that in turn Add Higher ROI to Your Business. This can vary right from understanding the campaigns to the various targeting options to driving the right audiences through a filtered lens to quantify which lead will ultimately have a higher impact to convertibility.

This is exactly what we do for our real estate clients:

The Results

What did we do that was different?

  • Optimized Landing Pages

Yes, you heard that right! In real estate, having an effective landing page is the key that opens the door to a variety of potential leads.

Having a static landing page that captures the basic information like name, number and Email isn’t enough. Driving the leads to a call to action ensures that you grab their attention and ensure that the purpose of running all your ad campaigns is put to maximum use by getting them onto your landing page.

The landing page has to be highly optimized to ensure:

  • The landing page visitor is kept captivated by only key product information
  • The landing page specifies the project details and invokes curiosity to find out more details
  • There is no escape other than filling out the form so the chances of the lead bouncing off your page is minimal.

After all, optimizing the landing page is the only way to determine how those higher but better quality leads are driven!

What’s new?

Lighter Landing Pages

Less is indeed more! Having key information yet with a minimalistic approach works better. This version of landing pages downloads faster doesn’t have too many distractions and is to the point. In short, if you are trying to weave a story about your real estate project, then this landing page version is the moral of the story and that’s it!

With the rising growth of hundreds of various ad platforms, the digital marketing mix becomes even more complex with what metrics actually matter and how the importance of Tracking Your Advertising Campaign can drastically make or break the deal!

Tracking everything is an entire process which not only requires the metric objectives but becomes a game changer when you align those very metrics with the objectives of the brand strategy through the campaign.

So, one arises to the rock bottom question? What ads drive better conversions?

The infographic below summarizes every aspect of what one can expect from paid advertising including the pros and the cons:

A war on the two fronts!

What’s new?

Vernacular Ads

If the probability is that everyone is Clicking on the Ads, why not make the content appeal in all languages that reaches a wider mass market to catch the attention on a native level. According to research, regional content does better online than English.

Using vernacular content in your advertising strategy makes perfect sense to target a broader Pan- India audience, especially those in tier II and tier III cities.

The key takeaway is to resonate with the local market with a message or call-to-action that urges them to your landing page (which can be curated to the local language as well) to drive them from consideration to conversion!

The Philosophy of Lead Generation

Yes, everyone is doing many things across the known platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Columbia but what next?

Investing in other unknown territories and trying out various tools only help drive conversions up to a certain point.

Instead of looking outward, why not focus on driving the main tool (The Landing Page) into a multi-channelled function that serves many purposes with a multi-project landing page!

It’s simple, cost-effective and solves the problem of repetition and monotony across landing pages.

(Sample Multi project Landing Page)

The ROI for Real Estate Developers

Having emerged from a generating leads for a stand-alone project to delivering results across multiple projects both on the domestic market and international market, we have successfully driven hundreds of sales spending vast amounts of money to churn around 10 times the growth revenue than any other digital agency can deliver attributing to only 1% of the sale value, the cost per leads has been crucially optimized to deliver better results than ever before!

Our Approach

Our approach to driving an Integrated Lead Generation Strategy is to constantly re-evaluate the ‘go-to-market’ strategy rebuilding the value proposition each time.

  • Why optimize for the sake of getting more leads if the qualitative factors aren’t scrutinized?
  • Why attribute ROI only the basics of digital advertising and its limitations?
  • Why drive a multi-channelled advertising strategy if it doesn’t deliver higher ROI?

If you are looking for the best strategies for digital marketing, read our blog on the complete guide for digital marketing for real estate. 


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