Real Estate Marketing Strategies in India

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The past decade has witnessed digital marketing surface as a key player in the advertising and branding of an organisation.  Apart from uplifting the brand image and being the winning formula to generate more B2B leads, going digital also helps organisations reach their target audience which, in turn, leads to enhanced sales.

One such industry that has accomplished significant growth in digital marketing is the real estate industry. From enhanced sales to heightened outreach, the online space has proved to be a game changer for the property sector and is guaranteed to transform the real estate industry in 2018. Here are some of the effective real estate marketing strategies that you can apply for your brand as well.

Landing Page Designs

As we all know, a landing page is a one-stop formula to transform your lead generation. In order to get the best out of your landing page, make sure the website is engineered for top performance. Opt for tailor-made designs which are beyond the recent sub-par and patience-testing crawl that current websites exhibit on current browsers.  It is also important to optimize your website for different platforms as almost everyone uses a smartphone, tablet or desktop of some kind. When they need information online, you can make it quick and easy by showcasing your landing page containing all the information needed for your product or service. Listed below are few of the advanced features you can implement on your landing page for profound results:

Sticky Contact Forms

Sticky contact forms eliminate the need for users to scroll up and down the page in search of a respective call-to-action like a “Contact Us” or a “Book Now” button. Pages with sticky contact form implementation have recorded a 30% higher rate of lead generation and conversions.


Sticky Call/Contact Option at the Bottom for Mobile Pages

You can now integrate your mobile landing pages with a ‘Call Option’ and a ‘Request Call Back’ button at the bottom of the site. This avoids a long form taking up screen on the website which, in turn, leads to the improved user experience.

Apart from enhanced navigation, you can also track the performance of the page and retrieve the list of users who have clicked on the button but not filled the form with Event Tracking. This will help you in aggressively retargeting the users till they ultimately convert to loyal customers.

Click For Price on Landing Page

Upgrading your landing page with a “Click for Price” call-to-action will not only increase the number of lead enquires but also generate more quality leads for the project. This feature is particularly useful for developers who are showcasing multiple developments. It helps them direct the potential clients to the projects that fit their budgets and preferences. This way, developers can also brilliantly categorise their affordable projects by placing them under a tab of “Lesser than Rs 60 lakhs”, for an instance.

The magic of Google Display Network

Google Display Network is a ground-breaking marketing strategy that can effectively increase the lead generation and conversions of your website through elaborate retargeting. Let’s take a look at how a real estate company can leverage this phenomenon to market their brand in the digital space.

Aggressive remarketing to intent visitors

Linking your Google Analytics account to your AdWords manager will give you a closer insight into the content consumption pattern of your website traffic after an ad click. This data will help you analyse how much of your online leads are generated from AdWords which will, in turn, enhance the performance of your site.  You can also categorise your audience into search, display and direct audiences.

Check out our comprehensive guide to AdWords Smart Display Campaigns for more insights.

Search Network

The search network helps you reach people who've interacted with your business by retargeting. These audiences will have a very strong intent to buy your property and are most likely a few clicks away from conversion. These are the visitors who have landed on your page through an organic search with the sole aim to purchase.

Display Network

The audiences generated through the display network are targeted based on their consumer behaviour. Due to this, they are usually bigger in number with a lesser probability of conversions.

How to segment the data in analytics

Now that you know the type of audiences you can target in order to market your brand or advertise a property, let’s find out how to segment this data in Google Analytics. Read on to know more.

Step 1: Go to ‘Analytics Property’ and select ‘Audiences Definition’ to create a new audience.

Step 2: Select the Source as ‘Direct’ for direct or organic visitors and select ‘Search Campaign Name’ for search visitors

Remarketing strategy

The main objective behind this strategy is to remarket aggressively to users visiting your website from the Search Network and allocate high budgets to this list instead of running a remarketing campaign on the entire cluster of visitors.

Remarketing page scrollers for microsites

The most effective strategy when it comes to remarketing your property to the online audience is to target only the viewers who have scrolled down your microsite. Since a majority of the users may exit the website from the first fold, it does not make sense to remarket to the set of users who have not engaged with your product.

Marketers can leverage the power of Google Tag Manager (GTM) to capture events in Google Analytics for page scrollers. You can choose a scrolling rate of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% and set the goal in Analytics to track the performance of your page. For example, you can create an audience based on the engaged users who have scrolled to the second fold of your microsite to target them back efficiently. The main objective here is to remove non-engaged users from the cookie pool and utilize bids and budgets to remarket to engaged users only.

Creating custom affinity audiences based on competitors

By creating a Custom Affinity Audience, real estate companies can reach out to individuals browsing for similar projects in the online space and have most likely filled a lead form with your competitors. This audience can be retrieved with the help of the Thank you Page URL. However, we recommend using this strategy only for the domestic market for a narrow reach. This will also help in effectively communicating the USP of the property in the regional ads.

To reach out to the international market, marketers can create custom audiences based on the competitor’s URL. Nevertheless, the rate of conversion will be low due to the wide audience.


Google display network (GDN) for premium projects

With the help of Google Display Network, property builders can exclusively reach out to audiences who are actively looking to purchase premium developments.

For instance, if you want to engage audiences in booking a test drive with BMW, you can target the users who are looking to purchase a Rolex. Start by visiting each site and capturing the test drive page or the test drive confirmation page to set this up. Then, create the Custom Affinity Audience and vigorously target them till they ultimately convert.

With these strategies, your brand is guaranteed to reign over the online space with a wider reach and enhanced lead generation. It is time you implement these cutting-edge concepts in your digital marketing game plan and take your business to towering heights. You can check out our detailed case study on how a real estate company grew via digital marketing and the social media trends for real estate for better insights. Contact Social Beat for more details.

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Very useful information, Could you please help me with few suggestion. Our project located in remote location which 60km away from Metro city Bangalore, But situated in high growth economic zone where rapid developments by KIA motors, BEL, NACEN & AIRBUS. I tried google text ad & display ad very few enquiries we got. Afterwords I tried facebook ad initially we got 20 leads per day for 500/day, but now no. of leads reduced to 5/zero.

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This blog is really very informative & the provide marketing strategies are useful in order to grow in current market. Most of the leading real estate company is following the marketing strategic in order to rise in the market in comparison to competition with other companies.